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As we are offering market’s lowest price wildcard SSL certificate at just $34.00, it is a bit difficult for buyers to trust the products as they are already paying a huge amount for the same certificate. This is the reason we are receiving various questions about the product, support, feature and authenticity of this wildcard certificate. Please note that the wildcard SSL we offer is 100% genuine product equipped with all important features explained below:

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A single SSL certificate that can secure multiple sub-domain names in a single certificate is called Wildcard SSL Certificate. It will secure all sub-domains along with root domain on which all these sub-domains are hosted.

Advantages of Wildcard SSL

Flexible IP Address Hosting:

Wildcard SSL works for both; dedicated and shared IP hosting. Now you do not need to buy additional IPs for each sub-domains SSL hosting.

Unlimited Server Licensing:

Do not pay extra $$$ for additional server licenses. You can share/regenerate a single wildcard SSL on unlimited servers.

Free Reissue:

SSL installation on multiple hosting platforms may need to generate new SSL key. Our wildcard SSL certificates come with Free cost reissue warranty. Generate new key in minutes – Do it yourself!

SHA-2 Algorithm Support:

We are only selling Wildcard SSL certificate that supports SHA-2 algorithm. SHA2 is the latest and highest encryption algorithm that is strongly recommended by popular brands like Microsoft, Google etc.

Instant Issuance and Reissue:

When you buy our Wildcard SSL, it only requires domain authentication. The easiest authentication makes SSL issuance and reissuance process very fast.

Easy Installation:

Wildcard SSL requires one-time installation on one server and you can share/configure the same SSL for multiple sub-domains on the same server. As always, the SSL2BUY technical support team will help you whenever you stuck in your Wildcard certificate installation process.

Wildcard SSL Limitations

Wildcard SSL support sub-domains on the SAME LEVEL. Like, wildcard SSL issued for *.exdomain.com will secure

www.exdomain.com, exdomain.com, anysub.exdomain.com

If you need to secure multi-level subdomains, wildcard SSL is not an option for you. You should purchase Multi-Domain SAN SSL certificate.

Quick Comparison of Different Brand Wildcard SSL

All Wildcard SSL certificates we sell are same as you find on certificate authority websites. Being an authorized reseller and huge volume purchase, we offer huge discount by passing most part of profit to our customers.

Certificate Authority AlphaSSL comodo godaddy
Product Name AlphaSSL Wildcard Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL GoDaddy Wildcard SSL
Price Per Year $34.00 $54.40 $299
Protect all sub domains Yes Yes Yes
SHA-2 Hash Algorithm Yes Yes Yes
Encryption strength Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit
Validation Required Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation
Issuance Time 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes
Multiple servers Licensing
Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited FREE Reissue Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Site Seal Included Included Included
Installation Checker Yes Yes No
Installation Help Free of cost – any time Free of cost – any time No
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