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AlphaSSL Certificate

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Cheap AlphaSSL Certificate

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Why Choose AlphaSSL?

If you are searching for the cheap SSL certificates available in the market, AlphaSSL will be a perfect choice. AlphaSSL is one of the most reputed entry level SSL providers on the market currently, whose primary objective is to ensure businesses get their hands on the very best SSL certificates at affordable rates. With its years of experience in the SSL industry and the expertise of its team, it has been able to capture a solid market share. Out of the top 1 million websites on Alexa, 3.49% websites use AlphaSSL. The percentage of users is increasing as website owners looking for fairly priced SSL certificates and zero in on this company’s certificates to satisfy their needs and requirements.

Benefits of AlphaSSL Certificates

These certificates bring a range of benefits to the table including:

  • Affordability: They provide great value for money and are a great choice for any site, irrespective of size.
  • Transparent Pricing: You can be rest assured that there are no hidden charges for support and if you do go for the Wildcard SSL certificate, you can install it across any number of servers without paying any additional fee.
  • Fast Access: The application process for getting the certificate is quick and convenient as it’s fully automated. The company will issue your SSL certificate in as little as three minutes.
  • Security Commitment: With AlphaSSL certificates, whether Standard or Wildcard SSL, you get the guarantee of strong security as they are issued by 2048 bit GlobalSign Root Certificate, one of the most trusted issuance authorities in the world.
  • Customer Assurance: AlphaSSL certificates come with a warranty against mis-issuance of the certificate. AlphaSSL certificates are the most advanced for anti-phishing checks in all applications, which helps to increase the trust of customers.

AlphaSSL certificate

The use of AlphaSSL certificate ensures the critical ‘SSL secure’ padlock is activated in not just all the popular browsers used by your potential website visitors but also mobile devices. This is critical because a large percentage of people who’ll access your site will do so from their smart phones or tablets. The great part about this certificate is not only the fact that it is issued from a robust 2048 bit root and is capable of 256 bit encryption but also its affordability, which makes it an ideal entry level SSL certificate for any website.

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Wildcard SSL certificate

AlphaSSL wildcard certificate brings to you all the features of the standard certificate and also ensures you can secure all the sub-domains you are using across your primary domain with a single Wildcard SSL certificate. AlphaSSL Wildcard support both single sharing IP and multiple IP address, Single server and multiple server. This certificate will cover multiple sub-domains and will save you a lot of money. A Wildcard SSL certificate is a future proofed security solution that ensures that as you keep adding sub-domains, you don’t have to buy new SSL certificates. The same certificate will keep all sub-domains secure.

Special Discount Price: $34.00 /yr.