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Validity 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
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If you are looking for Cheap Wildcard SSL to secure your multiple sub-domains, then AlphaSSL Wildcard is an ideal choice to you. AlphaSSL Wildcard promises to secure unlimited numbers of sub domains with streamline management.

When you order AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL, you should consider adding an asterisk (*) just before your site name, which allows strong protection for unlimited numbers of sub-domains over the base domain.

Cheap Wildcard SSL

Advantages of Wildcard SSL:

AlphaSSL wildcard minimizes the risk of breach and secures unlimited sub domains, offers essential advantages that would lure you to go with this cheapest AlphaSSL wildcard certificate.

Strong Encryption:

You can assure your visitors that they are visiting a secure website. All given information and transactions will be secured with 256-bit encryption (strongest SHA-2 algorithm) so there will be no chances of data sniffing that travels between the server and the user. Moreover, the AlphaSSL root certificate is signed with 2048-bit encryption which is accepted by all modern browsers.

Unlimited Server Licenses:

AlphaSSL offers unlimited server licenses with their Wildcard SSL certificate, so you do not need to pay any single penny for additional licenses. It will secure all sub-domains even if they are hosted on the multiple servers.

Fast Issuance:

AlphaSSL wildcard can be issued in quick time as the certificate follows domain validation that requires no legal document for domain name verification. You can enable SSL security on your entire website including sub-domains within a few minutes.

Secure Site Seal:

You will get AlphaSSL Secure Site Seal at free of cost. You can place this site seal on your site to enhance customer assurance. Visitors can easily get the certificate details by clicking on the site seal and ensure that they are dealing with a secure site.

Browser Compatibility:

AlphaSSL Wildcard ensures about 100% browser compatibility, therefore your website visitors never experience warning message even they browse your site with desktop, tablet or Smartphone browsers.

Saves Time & Money:

You don’t need to get an individual certificate for each subdomain; a single AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate will secure all subdomains. It will save your time from multiple certificate management and money from additional administrator resource to handle certificate order, configuration, renewal, and expiry.

Improve Google Ranking:

Google has earlier announced that HTTPS will be considered as a ranking factor and AlphaSSL wildcard can help your sites a lot in boosting your ranking in search engine. Even, Google gives more priority for SSL secure sites and displays HTTPS just before your domain name that there is more chance for users to trust on your site rather than HTTP sites.

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Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled
Search Engine Visibility SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings
Validation Type Domain Validation - DV Domain Validation - DV Domain Validation - DV
Issuance Time 15 minutes or less 15 minutes or less 15 minutes or less
Domains Secured Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains
Server Licenses unlimited unlimited unlimited
CSR Encryption 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
SSL Encryption up to 256-bit up to 256-bit up to 256-bit
Green Browser Bar No No No
Mobile & smartphone support 99% 99% 99%
Browser compatibility 99% 99% 99%
Client OS compatibility 99% 99% 99%
Includes Malware Scan No No No
Includes Trust Seal Yes Yes Yes
SSL Reissuance unlimited during certificate lifespan unlimited during certificate lifespan unlimited during certificate lifespan
Warranty $10,000 USD $10,000 USD $10,000 USD
Refund Policy 30 Day full money back 30 Day full money back 30 Day full money back
Vendor Price $122.00/yr. $149.00/yr. $166.00/yr.
Now Only $38.00/yr. $49.00/yr. $70.00/yr.
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You will get the same quality and authenticity for your cheap wildcard SSL certificate without paying any additional cost. SSL2BUY is an authorized re-seller of AlphaSSL certificate authority, believes in customer driven policy and passes huge price benefits to current and potential customers.

Lowest Price Guarantee:

AlphaSSL wildcard is one of the finest and in-demand certificates offered by SSL2BUY that is available at an inexpensive price compared to other providers. If you approach direct to AlphaSSL for buying this certificate then it would cost you high otherwise, SSL2BUY offers the huge discount on your purchase.

24/7 Customer Support:

SSL2BUY deals with reputed certificate authorities and understands the customer’s demands as well product life-cycle hence, offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and ticket support. Our in-house experts are always ready to solve queries of customers. From SSL order to SSL installation on different servers, you will get your answer quickly and in a convincing way.

Refund Policy:

SSL2BUY follows transparency in SSL certificate lifecycle and allows customers to access their right to cancel the order within 30 days and get back refund the full amount. The customer has to remove a certificate from the server and notify us to claim the money back.We will transfer your money without asking any questions.

Easy Certificate Management:

We have developed simplified certificate management system where you can manage your all certificates. It will reduce your administrator hassle and get rid of such hectic process. Our certificate management console is user-friendly that anyone can easily manage all the information about the certificate at one place.

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