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Protect Software & Applications Code

Code signing certificate is critical to the integrity of software distribution. This digitally signed certificate is a perfect security solution for application developers and software publishers that allows them to add digital signature into their downloadable executables and scripts. It confirms that the applets, plug-ins, macros, and other executable files come from a reliable publisher.

You may have seen notifications when installing software that tells you that it may not come from a trusted source. Digital signature gives you the peace of mind that you are accessing genuine software. It also certifies that software is intact and uncompromised. The certificates assure users that they can trust the software without a fear of malicious attack or other adverse effects.

  • Secure Applications

    Code signing SSL enables robust encryption and authenticates the integrity of your code. Get code signing certificate to secure .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, Java, HTML, ActiveX, Microsoft® Office macros and other files that support digital signatures. It prevents your all files from tampering and protects end-users from downloading harmful software or applications.

  • Customer Trust

    The certificate helps to boost your reputation by displaying your company name as a genuine publisher. It acts as a security sign for code developers to enhance users’ trust that the code has not been altered anyway.

  • Boost Adoptions

    These certificates eliminate “unknown” publisher warning and build trust as a verified entity. As a result, you will experience massive improvement in software downloads and users’ adoption rate. It will help to extend your market reach and boost your business returns.

When you install an application, script, or driver on any recent OS, you often see a dialog box come up saying that the binary you are about to run is signed by such and such company or is unsigned. If it is signed, that means the developer used a code signing certificate. Just like emails or online transactions, code can be signed using the same technology of public-key cryptography.

This allows a company to make sure people who receive their applications know that it came from them. If you go to any of the popular CAs, they will provide you this type of certificate. Then, you need to follow a process to sign your code for your application.

Do you want to sign your code to boost user’s assurance and increase software downloads? We offer a trusted code signing certificate at the cheapest price in the market.