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Protect Software & Applications Code

When you install an application, script or driver on any recent OS, you often see a dialog box come up saying that the binary you are about to run is signed by such and such company, or is unsigned. If it is signed, that means the developer used a code signing certificate. Just like emails or online transactions, code can be signed using the same technology of public key cryptography.

This allows a company to make sure people who receive their applications know that it really came from them. If you go to any of the popular CAs, they will sell you these types of certificates. Then, you simply need to use a process to sign your code when you create your application.

Example of Authenticode

Microsoft provides something called Authenticode. This is a procedure that the company offers for driver makers. When you submit a driver for testing, Microsoft will sign this driver with a code signing certificate, making it secure. Recent versions of Windows do not accept 64bit drivers that are not signed in this way. If you want to sign your own application or code, Visual Studio provides the SignTool command to do the same thing.

All it does is take a digital certificate that you downloaded into your local store from a CA, then signs the binary file with it. Linux developers have the SignCode tool that does something very similar. In both cases, the private key on your certificate is used to sign the file, creating a unique hash, and anyone can then check using your public key that the file was actually made by you.

This process prevents anyone else from distributing code or apps in your name, potentially infecting systems. This is the most secure and safe way to help raise security for users. As normal computer users are educated on the dangers of malware, seeing this dialog pop up saying who created the file can be useful. Sensitive environments can even be configured to only allow signed code to run. All of that is made possible thanks to code signing certificates.

Desktop Code Signing Certificate For:

Extended Validation Code Signing:

Extended Validation Code Signing helps to boost the integrity of applications and other software. It provides a more secure process for an application and instantly establishes reputation in major browsers and OS like internet explorer version 9+ and Windows 8. An inbuilt Smart screen reputation service enhances the confidence level of application developers.

  • Extended validation authentication.
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit mode (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap files) and kernel mode software.
  • System and browser compatibility: Window Vista, Window 7 and 8, Internet explorer 5.0+, Firefox, Chrome.
  • Includes Hardware token and PIN while signing the code.

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Microsoft Authenticode:

Code Signing certificate for Microsoft Authenticode reduces unknown code warnings by signing the code authentically. It validates the code and proves that the code is not being altered since it is designed. It validates your identity and validates code integrity.

  • Enhance customer’s confidence.
  • Pre-installed timestamp to get rid of expiry.
  • Enable Active X controls, plug-ins and other executables.


Code Signing Certificate for Java can secure “. jar” files that are compatible with the Java Runtime environment. Increase customer’s confidence and provides them easy application downloading with a Java code signing certificate.

  • Recognize by Java Runtime Environment.
  • Get rid of free timestamp and save time.
  • Sign ”.Jar” files digitally for desktop and Netscape objects.

Microsoft Office and VBA

Code signing certificate can digitally sign the VBA projects and office Macros. Users will ensure that the source code comes from a trusted source and it has not been altered since it is signed. It reduces security alert warnings and displays the publisher name for customer’s confidence.

  • Users get attracted to your proven identity.
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP and higher version.
  • Supports browsers like Internet explorer 5.0+.
  • Prevent code alteration by third parties by digitally signing.

Adobe AIR:

Code signing certificate is an ideal for Adobe AIR applications. Users get surety of code when you sign a code of Adobe AIR application with Code Signing certificate. Instead of security warnings, users will see a reliable publisher’s name on the application.

  • Protect the brand and ensures users that they are downloading legitimate code.
  • Can sign digitally “.air” or “.airi” files.
  • Reduce maintenance cost of code with a free timestamp.

Mobile Code Signing Certificate for:

Window Phone:

Code signing certificate for Window phone enables developers and software publishers to sign their Window phone and Xbox applications for Window marketplace. It secures Microsoft App Hub at its best.

  • Code signed for Windows 7.0 and higher versions.
  • Pre installed Enrollment process in App Hub registration Process.
  • Shows customers that they are using secure applications.
  • Ensures users that the code integrity is available with each application.
  • Show your customers that the code is not altered since it is developed.

Code Signing for Android:

With Code Signing certificate designed for Android, you can manage private key and application for further updates in Google Play. For digitally signed APK files, Code Signing Certificate for Android keep a record of APK keys for security purpose, updates, image upload, and access of a report for any signed activities within Code Signing Portal.

  • .apk files will be digitally signed.
  • For future updates, reuse of keys is possible.
  • Full certificate and management ability.
  • Can select an image upload for easy identification.
  • A single platform to manage keys, sign code and application track record.

Authenticate Document IDs for BREW:

To authenticate BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) application digitally, Authenticate Document IDs are an ideal option that also timestamps the code using the Brew AppSigner tool. BREW is a platform to design CDMA for mobile phones, especially third party applications. Code Signing Certificate secures the code and deliver authenticate BREW application. It requires Internet explorer 5.0 or higher version; it runs on Windows 2000, XP or higher version.

  • Show your customers that the code of an application is secure and safe.
  • Keeps a copy of signed document’s hash.
  • Allow third party document verification.
  • Allow you to become a reliable BREW developer.

Windows Phone Private Enterprise:

Windows Phone Private Enterprise program digitally signs the code of applications. The code signing certificate can help to distribute and make the availability of their organization’s applications. If you are developing a line of business applications on windows platforms, the company must obtain an enterprise mobile code signing certificate.

  • Distribute Windows phone applications to the internal clients of your organization.
  • It ensures that your application is safe to download.
  • Supports Internet Explorer 5.0+ version, Firefox, Chrome.
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP and higher versions.
  • It is solely for Microsoft App Hub individuals.

Signing Service for Java Verified

Java verified is a testing and a renowned industry program for signing software code. The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) runs the program. The program is designed for Java ME (Micro Edition) developers and test houses to test and sign their Java ME applications. You can get sign your code for Java verified program with the Symantec Secure App Service.

  • It is a proven program to sign Java Verified Program.
  • Provides efficient test process for developers.
  • Signing and reporting of application on a single platform.
  • Eliminate the manual version control with every version update.
  • Java verified seal of approval will come with tested application.