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DigiCert TLS/SSL Certificates

Upgrade your website’s security with DigiCert TLS/SSL Certificates, ensuring top-tier protection that invests confidence in visitors and transforms them into loyal customers. Safeguard every online transaction with encryption from the most trusted and reputable brand in digital security.

DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate

Experience rapid security with instant issuance, RSA & ECC cryptography and unlimited server licensing. The dynamic DigiCert Site Seal ensures robust and versatile website protection.

  • Accessible with all popular browsers
  • Brand Protection via Authentication
  • 24X7 Technical Support
  • Endless Server License
  • DigiCert Site Seal
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save upto 14.73%

DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure domain and up to 250 subdomains effortlessly with DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates, an ideal solution for scalable and comprehensive online protection.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Simplified Management
  • Validation on Priority
  • Scalability
  • Robust Security
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save upto 14.61%

DigiCert EV SSL/TLS Certificates

Rigorously validated through a 16-point check, these certificates signify authenticity, making them essential for high-profile brands, banks, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • User-Centric Assurance
  • Competitive Edge
  • Conversion Boost
  • Association with Trust
  • Strategic Business Investment
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save upto 18.60%

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates

Elevate your software customer’s trust by undergoing strict publisher identity vetting, displaying verified names, removing warnings, and ensuring seamless, secure, and cost-effective implementation.

  • Cross-Platform Adaptability
  • Timestamping Function
  • Secured Protective Measures
  • User-Friendly
  • Free Token + Shipping Worldwide
  • Worldwide Acknowledgment

OV Code Signing

EV Code Signing

SAVE UPTO 25.86%
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Encrypted Digital Signature check check
Requires Rigorous Extended
Validation of Organizations
Instant SmartScreen
Requires Two-factor Authentication check check

DigiCert: A Smarter Symbol of Trust for SSL/TLS Certificates

DigiCert trust seal

Rising Visibility and Trust

DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates come with an interactive seal that provides clear, readily accessible certificate and website information, enhancing the visibility of the site’s security measures and trustworthiness to the user.

Higher Conversion Rates

The display of DigiCert’s trusted seal can positively impact user behavior by increasing digital trust, leading to higher conversion rates, especially at critical junctures such as the checkout process, where confidence in security is essential.

Superior Validation

Unlike standard browser trust icons that do not distinguish between different levels of certificate validation, DigiCert certificates emphasize the difference, countering the trend of cybercriminals using low-level validation to appear legitimate, thereby offering a higher standard of identity assurance and security for the site.

Secure Enterprise IT with DigiCert’s Trusted Solutions for PKI & Identity

Certificate Lifecycle Management

Certificate lifecycle management is a crucial aspect of securing IT operations, as it encompasses the identification, deployment, and maintenance of digital certificates that form the backbone of Public Key Infrastructure. Get assured authentication and encryption for data integrity, confidentiality, and trust within an IT environment.

  • Reduced Downtime: Avoid service interruptions and security breaches often resulting in expired or compromised certificates.
  • Compliance Assurance: Maintain industry regulations and standards by ensuring that certificates meet required policies throughout their lifespan.
  • Cost Efficiency: Automation and centralized control reduce the manual effort and resources required for certificate issuance, renewal, and revocation, thus saving associated costs.
  • Risk Mitigation: Quickly identify and remediate vulnerabilities, minimizing the risks of cyberattacks and data breaches.
  • Upgraded Security Posture: Get a unified security approach, elevating the overall defense against threats while streamlining security processes.

PKI Services (Managed PKI)

Managed PKI services simplify the managing process and secure digital identities within an organization. Handling everything from certificate issuance to revocation, PKI services automate and centralize the administration of user and device authentication, encryption, and digital signatures, ensuring security and streamlining IT operations.

  • Digital Safety: Managed PKI services protect sensitive data and communication across networks, preventing unauthorized access with strong authentication and encryption.
  • Scalability: Easily accommodate an increasing number of users and devices without compromising on security or performance.
  • Operational Efficiency: With automation of certificate lifecycle tasks, these services reduce the need for manual intervention, thereby increasing the efficiency of IT teams.
  • Focused Business: Entrusting the complexities of PKI to specialized services, organizations can focus on their core business activities while benefiting from robust security protocols that managed PKI provides.
  • Customization: The ability to create pre-configured profiles for users, devices, and servers allows organizations to tailor security settings to specific needs and use cases, providing flexibility and control over security infrastructure.

Global Leader in Digital Security: Unmatched TLS/SSL, PKI, IoT Solutions

DigiCert sets the standard for secure connections through its cutting-edge TLS/SSL and PKI solutions, ensuring compliance with the latest industry requirements. DigiCert is a global leader in digital security trusted by Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, enterprises, financial organizations and government entities worldwide. Showcasing the DigiCert Seal, these certificates commit to identity security.

The business-authenticated certificates maintain DigiCert’s trusted legacy, offering a cost-effective choice with swift issuance. DigiCert offers digital solutions like Enterprise IT, PKI, documents and signing, websites and servers, and IoT solutions.

DigiCert is renowned for its high-assurance certificates and innovative solutions for emerging markets. Their focus on innovation and scalability makes them a trusted choice for securing enterprise users, devices, and data.

Trusted by DigiCert

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As a platinum partner of DigiCert since 2011, SSL2BUY offers these globally trusted DigiCert certificates at competitive prices. Promoting your website’s security with SSL2BUY ensures top-tier encryption and equips exceptional value and dedicated support, making DigiCert’s robust security solutions accessible and cost-effective.

Experience seamless security— effortlessly choose, install, and build your online presence with globally trusted DigiCert solutions, ensuring the utmost protection for organizations.