Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

Validity1 Year2 Years3 Years
Comodo Price$149.00$149.00$149.00
SSL2BUY Price$120.00$115.00$108.89
Discount Price$54.00$51.75$49.00
vender price $149.00
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Securing Unlimited Sub Domains and Servers

By installing Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate on *, you can secure all subdomains automatically and immediately. You will get unlimited server licenses with this certificate, so you can apply the same certificate on your multiple servers.

wildcard ssl

Domain Validation & Fast issuance

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard is a domain validation certificate, so SSL seeker does not have to submit organization related or any other legal documents. In a few minutes, your domain will be verified and it starts to secure your website from prying eyes.

Strong Encryption

Comodo Wildcard SSL helps you to secure your customer’s online transactions and confidential credentials with robust encryption. By enabling SSL security on your website, you can show them that how important web security is. All transactions will be secured with latest encryption standards aka 256-bit encryption and 2048- bit root certificate.

Boost Google Rankings

In 2014, Google announced HTTPS as ranking signal to convince site owners to use HTTPS instead of HTTP and start giving top priority for SSL secure sites. You can set up safe environment over your all sub-domains using a single Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL certificate as well there are more chances that your sub-domains would be ranking well in search engine.

Save time and money

The big advantage of this Certificate is; you can save big money and time from multiple certificates management to secure all sub-domains. As this entire task can be easily managed with this single Comodo wildcard SSL certificate.

Increase Conversions

If you are looking for a single solution to set up maximum credibility over the website including sub-domains then Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard is the best choice. Buy Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL certificate at cheap price from SSL2BUY to provide the safe shopping experience to your web users and convert them into a buyer.

This certificate also comes with a Comodo site seal that reminds customers and visitors that your website is safe for online dealings.

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Domains SecuredUnlimited sub-domainsUnlimited sub-domainsUnlimited sub-domains
Issuance Speed10 minutes or less10 minutes or less10 minutes or less
Encryption strengthUp to 256-bitsUp to 256-bitsUp to 256-bits
Browser Compatibility99.99%99.99%99.99%
Mobile CompatibilityYesYesYes
Free ReissuesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Server LicenseUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL Site SealStatic ImageDynamic – Click to VerifyStatic Image
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