Jason Parms


I use multiple parse apps for different environments of our app. These each have individual subdomains:,, and many more. Is this wildcard SSL supported for multiple Parse Apps?


Wildcard SSL certificates are designed to secure multiple sub-domains in single SSL certificate to reduce cost and management. Wildcard SSL certificate will be issued for * and this single SSL will cover all sub-domains.

Others may ask you that you need to host every sub-domain on new IP address. That is wrong answer!

You do not need separate or dedicated IP address for every sub-domains. Wildcard SSL certificates are technically designed to work on multiple sub-domains hosted with single IP address and this is the main advantage of wildcard certificate that it will reduce the dedicated IP address cost.

Many customers ask that they have multiple sub-domains and some are hosted on multiple servers, do I need to purchase additional server licenses?

Wildcard certificates support multiple server hosting platforms at free cost. You can share same wildcard ssl key on all hosting servers. Also you can create multiple copies of wildcard SSL certificate with new private and CSR key at free cost.

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