Jason Parms


I want to secure root and 2 sub-domains on same website. One of my friend recommended wildcard SSL certificate. Is there any downsides of wildcard SSL certificate?


Well it’s all about price and requirement. Wildcard SSL certificate offers same security as single domain or UCC certificate provides. All kind of SSL certificates available in market are designed as per CA/Browser forum guideline.

Wildcard SSL is the best solution when you need to secure multiple sub-domain on single root domain name on same physical server or multiple. With unlimited server licensing features, wildcard SSL can be replicated or shared on all sub-domains, no matter all are hosted on same IP address or multiple. You don’t need to manage a bunch of certificates, just one wildcard SSL for all sub-domains.

Wildcard SSL certificates offer 100% compatibility with servers like IIS, apache, tomcat, nginx and more.  Wildcard certificates are trusted by all web browsers like Firefox, IE, safari, chrome and many more. All smartphones, tablets and mobile phones are 100% compatible with wildcard ssl.

All Certificate Authorities like GlobalSign, Symantec (formally known as VeriSign), Comodo, Digicert, Godaddy, GeoTrust and more offer wildcard ssl certificates. So there is no doubt or question about downside of wildcard ssl certificates.

Get cheapest price wildcard SSL certificate just for $40.00 per year and save up to 70% on CAs retail price.

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