Comodo Code Signing Certificate protects executable files and content with a robust digital signature and prevents code tampering. With a Code Signing Certificate, there will be no unknown publisher warning while downloading software, and users will have a strong impression of a verified publisher. overall, it enhances the publisher’s image.

  • Verified Publisher identity
  • Prevents Tampering
  • SHA-2 Encryption
  • No Download Warnings
  • Code Integrity
4 & 5 years subscription notes: You will have to re-issue your certificate after 3 years for extended validity. It is a free process. Read more.
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Comodo Code Signing certificate improves software sales conversion and is ideal for publishers who wish to distribute software in a secured environment. Users feel confident when they download executables files or content as they know the code is not altered since it is signed. Furthermore, users know that the code is from a verified publisher, and there is no harm in downloading software.

Benefits and Features of Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Enhanced Confidence:

Comodo Code Signing certificate assures software code integrity and lets users feel confident while downloading the software, drivers, executables. Users know that the certificate authority has confirmed the publisher’s identity, and the code is coming through an original publisher. As a result, users without any hassle can download the software, consequently, software distribution increases.

Business Validation:

The code signing certificate follows the organization validation process in which Comodo confirms operational and legal proof of a business. The certificate authority also checks with the third-party listed resources for additional verification. The validation process takes 1-3 days and ensures users about software and publisher’s authenticity.

Time Stamping:

Comodo Code Signing comes with a Time Stamping that is also applied with an SHA-2 digital signature. Time stamping keeps the signed code valid even the signature expires. If a timestamp is not there, then the signed code will be expired along with the certificate. Therefore, users need to sign the code again. However, due to timestamping, the digital signature and code remains trusted, and the software download will work continually.

Widely Supported Platforms:

Comodo Code Signing certificate is supported by many platforms, including Java, Adobe AIR, MS Silverlight, MS Office, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows 10, and Linux OS. Even Microsoft Authenticode and windows kernel mode file formats like .exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab, .msi, .xpi, and .xap support Code signing certificate.

Remove Unknown Publisher Warnings:

Avoid unknown publisher warning with robust digital signature as it confirms that software is genuine and comes from a verified publisher. A software publisher can assure users that they are not downloading any counterfeit software but from a legitimate publisher. In addition, an authenticated software can improve download rates.

Improve Conversions:

Comodo Code Signing certificate allows software publishers to distribute the software confidently. For example, a pesky warning that occurs during software download can upset users, but with a code signing certificate, users will have a signed software code and verified publisher that could improve downloads. It ensures users that they can download the software without doubting the code’s authenticity.

Code Integrity:

Comodo Code Signing shrink-wraps software code with a robust digital signature that ensures Code integrity. End users will have higher confidence when they download the software as they are sure about the content source and content integrity. Digital signatures assure that the code is not altered since it is signed and is from the publisher who made a signature on it. Comodo code Sign certificate is beneficial for developers and webmasters as the certificate builds trust among end-users, and it is hard to falsify their signed software.

All specs

Product Name Product Name Comodo Code Signing
Price Price $60.00/yr.
sha2 ssl RSA Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit
sha2 ssl Encryption SHA-2
validation Validation Type Organization Validation
issuance Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days
Microsofts SmartScreen Filter Instant SmartScreen Reputation No
Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication No
Verified Publisher Verified Publisher Yes
Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Yes
Microsoft Authenticode Signing Microsoft Authenticode Signing Yes
Apple OS X Signing Apple OS X Signing Yes
Java Signing Java Signing Yes
Qualcomm Brew App Signing Qualcomm Brew App Signing No
Windows Phone Apps Signing Windows Phone Apps Signing Yes
Adobe Air Signing Adobe Air Signing Yes
Reissuance Yes
warrnaty Warranty
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back

Platforms Supported

Platforms Supported

Microsoft Authenticode

Comodo Code Signing certificate can sign Microsoft Authenticode to ensure the integrity of code and legitimacy of software. A signed software removes untrusted warning. A private key creates a signature to enable a digital signature, and a public key confirms it. The certificate authenticates the publisher’s identity and ensures that they are downloading the original software.

  • Enhanced Users’ Trust
  • Timestamping that keeps software code valid
  • Authenticates Publisher’s warranty
SSL2BUY Best Price: $60.00 /yr.


Comodo Code Signing certificate for Java is ideal for .jar files as well as java executables. Upon signing the software with a Java Code Signing certificate, users will have authenticated publisher’s name along with the company’s name. In addition, it gives users surety about the software’s real source; as a result, the software download rate will be improved.

  • Removes unknown publisher warning
  • Enhance Brand reputation
  • Increase customer’s trust
SSL2BUY Best Price: $60.00 /yr.

Microsoft Office and VBA

Comodo Code Signing can sign Office macros and VBA projects. When you sign with a Microsoft Office Code Signing certificate, users will not worry about the software’s genuineness. Users will have no untrusted warning while downloading software. Once signed with this certificate, a publisher can distribute the code.

  • Avoid Download warnings
  • Verified Identity with enhanced trust
  • Organization Validation
SSL2BUY Best Price: $60.00 /yr.

Adobe AIR

An application running on Adobe AIR can be signed with a Comodo Code Signing certificate. When you sign a code, users will have an assurance that the software is original, and the code has not been tampered with since it is signed. In addition, the Adobe AIR code signing certificate assures users that they will not find an untrusted warning and the code is signed with the SHA-2 algorithm.

  • Proven Brand
  • Install safe Software code
  • Ideal for “. air” or “.airi” files
SSL2BUY Best Price: $60.00 /yr.

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