Comodo UCC / SAN / Multi-Domain SSL

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Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

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Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate

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Multi Domain SSL

Multi Domain SAN SSL Certificates

Secure multiple websites w/ a single certificate

Multi Domain SSL certificates referred as Subject Alternative Names (SANs) are especially designed to serve a single protection for multiple websites (Fully Qualified Domain Names). This SAN SSL certificate allows you to protect up to 250 different domain names and sub domains on a single server. During the life-cycle of a certificate, you can add extra domain names in the given subject alternative name field.

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Multi Domain EV SSL

Multi Domain SSL w/ EV

Enable Green Bar Assurance to Multiple Sites

Bolster your customer’s confidence by adding EV solution to your multiple websites with a single Multi Domain EV SSL certificate. Highest validation makes your website trustworthy as well; gives win customer’s trust over the website. Multi Domain EV SSL certificate lets you to secure multiple domains under the shelter of supreme validation and protection.

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Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

Protect Multiple Sites & Its Unlimted Sub-Domains

Enhance the protection cover even for sub domains with combination of SAN SSL and wildcard certificate also known as Multi Domain Wildcard SSL that allows you to secure multiple domains as well its unlimited sub domains on a single server. This type of certificate is ideal for those businesses who want protection for their sites as well all sub domains.

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Leading Certificate Authority

Comodo SSL Certificate Authority

SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of Comodo certificate authority and committed to provide estimable SSL certificates at cheap price along with latest algorithm, strong authentication and best browser compatibility.

SSL2BUY understands emerging web security needs across the globe and always tries to give customer driven security by connecting to most renowned certificate authorities. You can get advantage of same quality certificate, discounted price and unparalleled services.

Add up to 250 SAN Names

SAN SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain SSL certificate follows domain validation process and provides an inexpensive security that allows you to add up to 250 subject alternative names during certificate lifecycle on a single server.

You can add additional SANs whenever you wish to do so. SSL2BUY offers a low-cost SAN SSL certificate that included 4 domains pack, so you need to pay out additional amount for added server licenses.

To check added SAN domains in the certificate details. Just click on Padlock icon in the address bar and click on “View Certificate”. In a new window, click on “Details” and browse “Subject Alternate Name”.

Protect Your Global Businesses

Protect Your Global Businesses

SAN SSL certificate is ideal for any online businesses that are managing multiple websites to reach global market and seeking for single security solution to provide safe shopping experience.

Multi Domain SSL certificate secures multiple sites with industry standard encryption (SHA-256) and please your pocket by saving extra money that would have been spent on purchase of additional certificates as well reduce administrator hassle from managing multiple certificates.



SHA-256 Strongest Encryption

SSL2BUY give preference to customer security on top priority hence, all multi domain SSL certificates bears SHA-256 algorithm that is believed to be stronger in SSL industry. The adoption of latest algorithm is an ideal solution to fight against brute force attack.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Having SAN SSL certificate on your sites will not only help you to secure them but also enhance visibility in search engine. Google has already nailed down HTTPS as a ranking signal therefore, websites that have SSL will have chances of higher ranking in Google Search ranking. Thus, your website will have dual advantages of higher search ranking and strong security.

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

Multi-Domain SSL certificate is best known for simple certificate management hence it is one of the ideal benefits to go with such certificate. SAN allows a single server and a single certificate that covers multiple domains set up hence, certificate manager would have no difficulty of managing multiple domains. All an admin will have to take care of a single SAN certificate to make certificate management in a smooth way.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Multi Domain SSL certificate provides more than 99% mobile and desktop browser compatibility. You can promise to your customers for a smooth browsing experience. Therefore, there is no hassle of browser warning or browser to server connection issue.

Unlimited Server License

Unlimited Server License

SAN SSL certificate offers unlimited server licenses at free of cost, therefore you do not need to pay out for same certificate installation on any number of servers. It saves money and time to be spent in individual SSL installation.

Customer Support

Round the Clock Customer Support

SSL2BUY strives to bestow round the clock customer support. Our customer driven policy allows us to standalone in satisfying customer’s queries. SSL2BUY reaches to customers via live chat, support ticket to sustain their interest in our legitimate SSL products.

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Products Details

Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL

Comodo UCC/SAN/Multi-Domain SSL certificate is an ideal choice for those businesses that want to secure multiple SAN domains in a single certificate. It is a cost-saving certificate that allows up to 250 domains/SAN to be added during the certificate’s lifecycle. Comodo uses SHA-2 algorithm suggested by the CA/browser forum to encode the information travels between two ends (the server and the user).

Special Discount Price: $36.00 /yr.

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard can protect multiple wildcard domains and subdomains. A site holder can add up to 100 domains during the certificate lifespan and their unlimited subdomains, which gives the site holder freedom to save extra money to be spent on each single domain certificate. The certificate is highly compatible with almost servers, OS, and browsers to avoid potential SSL warnings.

Special Discount Price: $122.40 /yr.

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate offers dual advantages that perform the highest authentication along with multi-domains’ security. Website visitors can gain instant trust when they see a verified company’s name along with other details. Moreover, a site holder can secure up to 100 SAN domains to save additional cost. This EV multi-domain SSL certificate comes with a multi-year subscription to simplified certificate management.

Special Discount Price: $144.00 /yr.