Comodo PositiveSSL

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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (S/MIME)

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Comodo Essential SSL

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Comodo UCC / SAN / Multi-Domain SSL

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Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

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Comodo Instant SSL Pro

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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

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Comodo PositiveSSL EV

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Comodo EV SSL Single Domain

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Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard

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Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

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Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL Certificate

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Comodo EV Code Signing

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Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard

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Buy Comodo SSL Certificates to Secure Digital Landscape

Comodo SSL Certificate Authority is one of the best and cheap SSL certificate providers across the globe. Comodo is recognized as the most trusted certificate provider by millions of clients and has ensured the safety of numerous websites. Whether individuals, e-merchants, small to medium scale businesses or large enterprises, Comodo SSL certificates play an essential role in securing online communications.

By eliminating all the possibilities of data sniffing, Comodo allows a secure digital identity with strong encryption; thus, data remains intact between the client and the server. Establish your business’s strong identity with Comodo SSL certificates, whether it is a small, medium, or large organization.

  • Broad Range of SSLs
  • 2048-bit CSR Encryption
  • SHA-2 Robust Algorithm
  • Free Unlimited Re-issuance
  • Highest Compatibility
  • Up to $1.75M warranty
  • Free Secured Site Seal
  • 30-days Refund Policy

Benefits of Comodo SSL Certificate

Buy or renew Comodo SSL certificates at the lowest price and enjoy complete security solutions for your website, software, and apps.
simple certificate management

Centralized Management

Our simple certificate management system will reduce administrative hassles and help them manage the certificate lifecycle, such as renewal, revocation, validation, and configuration.

Most Trusted CA

Most Trusted CA

Comodo has achieved its mark in the SSL industry and served thousands of clients of all sizes of businesses, individuals. The SSL certificates from Comodo are highly authenticated.

Strong Encryption

Robust Protection

All transactions taking place between the client machine and the server will have robust SHA-2 encryption. As a result, cybercriminals will have a hard time sniffing ongoing data.

Lowest Price SSL

Lowest Price in SSL Industry

We bring a heavy discount on Comodo SSL certificates to cater to every size of enterprises’ security need, saves your hard-earned money, and enhances your customers’ confidence.

Protect all SAN names

Secure SAN Domains

Comodo offers multi-domain certificates that allow you to add different SAN domains in a single certificate and saves your time and money from managing multiple certificates.

Boost Rankings

Boost Search Rankings

Google favors HTTPS. Hence, the Comodo SSL certificate turns your site’s status to a secured digital place. As a result, your website will have strong visibility in search engines.

Products Details

Comodo Positive SSL

Comodo Positive SSL is the cheapest SSL certificate that encrypts your online transactions with SHA256-bit encryption. The certificate carries a Comodo root certificate that is accepted and recognized by most desktop and mobile browsers that get you rid of unwanted SSL warnings. In addition, Comodo Positive SSL comes with 30 days money refund policy if you want to cancel the certificate.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $8.00 /yr.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate confirms individual identity as well encrypts emails and documents. Encrypted emails and documents seem an advantage to keep privacy and security intact. The certificate comes with cryptographic keys used to digitally signs emails and documents as well the receiver can assure that the email or document is coming from the intended person.

Special Discount Price: $12.00 /yr.

Comodo Essential SSL

Comodo Essential SSL provides instant SSL protection to your website along with SHA256-bit encryption that secures online transactions and login forms. The certificate ensures customers that their confidential information will remain secure against third party snooping. Further, the certificate offers a $100K warranty, unlimited server licenses and unlimited free reissuance.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $32.00 /yr.

Comodo Multi Domain SSL

Comodo Multi Domain SSL can secure up to 100 domains that save your management time. So whether you use Microsoft exchange 2007, 2008 or 2013, secure communication will be secured over email. Secure mail services, hostnames under this single certificate, and reduce admin cost. Thirty days refund policy, unlimited server licenses, 2048-bit CSR encryption are few excellent features that come with Comodo Multi Domain SSL.

Special Discount Price: $33.00 /yr.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard allows you to secure unlimited sub domains while securing the main domain (for example,* This certificate is a domain validation certificate that can take few minutes for issuance. By enabling an SSL certificate on your website, you can assure your customers that they will have a secure environment once they visit the site.

Special Discount Price: $44.00 /yr.

Comodo Instant SSL Pro

Verify your organization identity over the web with Comodo Instant SSL Pro that helps you to assure your visitors and customers that your website is verified by one of the best Comodo CA. Even all transactions will be encoded with 256-bit encryption. Whether a customer uses any browser to visit the website, he/she will never face an SSL warning as Comodo Instant SSL Pro offers 99% browser compatibility.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $48.00 /yr.

Comodo PositiveSSL EV

Comodo PositiveSSL EV is an opportunity for ecommerce businesses to get extended validation certificate at the lowest price available online. It will enable green padlock and showcase your verified company name in the green text – the most trusted security symbols and the true identity of a business. This cheap EV SSL enables all features as other EV offer – robust encryption, free trust logo, phishing protection, unlimited server licenses and green bar assurance.

Special Discount Price: $61.60 /yr.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing certificate provides the software developer and publisher relief by signing the software with authenticity. Moreover, when they download the software, users will not get any ‘Unknown Publisher’ warning and can use reliable software. Comodo Code Signing certificate ensures that the code is not altered since the certificate authority has signed it. The certificate assures users that the software, drivers, applications, plug-ins are from the dependable publisher.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $60.00 /yr.

Comodo EV SSL

Comodo EV SSL is an extended validation certificate that turns the address bar into green colour to ensure customers and visitors about the highest website authenticity. Customers easily believe such a site, which is legitimate and carries the highest encryption. Comodo EV SSL requires a detailed verification process. Hence, the certificate issuance requires up to 10 days.

Special Discount Price: $72.80 /yr.

Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard is a simple and inexpensive SSL solution for website security. In addition, the certificate offers protection for unlimited subdomains and multiple domains that are hosted on different servers. The certificate carries fast issuance and validation that allows you to secure the website in a few minutes. Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL supports both www and non-www domains.

Special Discount Price: $122.40 /yr.

Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL

Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL is an entry-level certificate that intends to secure unlimited subdomains. The certificate is issued to * and allows protection for subdomains; therefore, an SSL buyer does not have to spend extra money for an individual certificate. Unlimited free reissue, multiple server licenses, 30 days money back guarantee to encourage to go with Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $84.00 /yr.

Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL

Assure your customers and visitors that your website is secured with the highest level of authentication and encryption by Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL. The certificate allows securing up to 100 domains as well subdomains. The certificate offers a dual advantage of multiple domain securities as well green bar assurance. In addition, Comodo EV Multi Domain offers extended validation that verifies your business identity by a rigorous verification process.

Special Discount Price: $144.00 /yr.

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard can secure unlimited sub domains with business validation that establish business presence over the web in a secure manner. Customers easily put trust over such a secured site and would like to continue to deal with it. The certificate is bound with SHA256-bit encryption and 2048-bit key encryption for better online security.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $320.00 /yr.

Comodo EV Code Signing

A name to reckon with in the field of reliable SSL certificates, Comodo brings you an irresistible code signing certificate along with the benefits of a rigorous EV vetting process. Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate brings consumers a sense of reliability and trustworthiness as they don’t see any warning signs, thanks to the Microsoft Smart Screen Filter.

SSL2BUY Best Price: $259.00 /yr.