Get software’s code signed with Comodo EV Code Signing along with the extended validation. The certificate is trusted by Microsoft SmartScreen filter that protects against phishing, malware-infected sites & offensive downloads. A software publisher will have a rigorous authentication process.

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • SmartScreen Reputation
  • Reduce Warnings & Boost Downloads
  • Displays Verified Publisher Name
Note: The certificate cancellation/refund can not be processed once the EV hardware token has been shipped from the Certificate Authority’s end.
SSL2BUY Price $259.00/yr.
Vendor Price $897.00
Total $777.00
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Cheap Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate to Protects software and application code

Comodo EV Code Signing certificate assures users that the signed code is not modified since it is signed, and they can safely download the software or application. The certificate complies with the Microsoft and CA/Browser forum standards and has a reputation on vast platforms and browsers including IE, Edge, Windows 8, Microsoft SmartScreen Application Reputation filter. There will be higher conversion rates due to reduced warning displayed during downloads.

Stringent Vetting Process

Comodo EV Code Signing has a strict verification process that verifies the publisher’s organization name, physical and legal existence, and other organization details. Such stringent process helps to build the foundation of an EV code signing certificate. It assures that no third party can mimic the details to obtain the certificate.

Private Key Safety

EV Code Sign certificate comes with an extra security layer means the private key is stored on external USB hardware token along with needed PIN for signing. The reason behind it is to prevent unauthorized to the private key. If a private key is compromised, a hacker can counterfeit the signature and make harmful software.

Boost Your Business Reputation

The publisher can safely distribute the software even on third-party platforms as the signed code is backed by Microsoft SmartScreen filter. Generally, the software is checked against a list of malicious programs as well as trusted and downloaded programs, and if the software is not trusted, it shows a warning message. Due to the support of SmartScreen filter, Comodo EV Code signing certificate offers a trust factor to end-users and removes a warning during download. SmartScreen filter supports IE 9.0, Edge, Windows 8.0 platforms.

Increase Downloads

No one is willing to lose customers due to pesky software warnings. Due to the support of MS SmartScreen filter, there will be no download killing warnings, and end-users will get an instant reputation while downloading the software. The certificate assures that you are as a publisher distributing secure software.

Universal Platform Compatibility

The certificate is supported with almost well-known platforms including MS Authenticode, Adobe AIR, Apple, Mozilla, Netscape objects, VBA and Microsoft Office Macros, Java, Microsoft Silverlight application, Windows x64 Kernel Mode file-formats including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap.

Time Stamping

Comodo EV Code Signing offers a time stamping feature that keeps signature alive even the certificate expires. In the absence of timestamp, the signed code gets expired along with the certificate, and you need to re-sign software code. Thus, the end-users will not be impacted because of an expired certificate, and software continues to work. Users will have great confidence in downloading software without any hesitation.

All specs

Product Name Product Name Comodo EV Code Signing
Price Price $259.00/yr.
sha2 ssl RSA Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit
sha2 ssl Encryption SHA-2
validation Validation Type Extended validation
issuance Issuance Time 1-5 Business Days
Microsofts SmartScreen Filter Instant SmartScreen Reputation Yes
Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication Yes
Verified Publisher Verified Publisher Display Organization Name
Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Yes
Microsoft Authenticode Signing Microsoft Authenticode Signing Yes
Apple OS X Signing Apple OS X Signing Yes
Java Signing Java Signing Yes
Qualcomm Brew App Signing Qualcomm Brew App Signing Yes
Windows Phone Apps Signing Windows Phone Apps Signing Yes
Adobe Air Signing Adobe Air Signing Yes
Reissuance N/A
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back

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