Security Concerns Involved in Low-code and No-code Development

Security Concerns Involved in Low-code and No-code Development

Introduction The future of coding is no coding at all. This leads to the development of low-code and no-code technology. Low-code and No-code development is a visual approach to software development. This creates software faster by abstracting and automating the development process. It enables non-...
Jan 12 2022
Maintenance Cost of WordPress Website

Maintenance Cost of WordPress Website

Introduction In this modern world, people go hand in hand with the internet. It includes searching for information, buying, or selling products, individual work, business, education, finance, and medicine. Launching a website is the most relevant idea in uplifting your business to the next level. B...
Dec 12 2021

Benefits and Best Practices of Information Management

Introduction An old saying “Information is Wealth” is more pressing than ever in the current business trend. The companies which make use of such valuable data are becoming successful among their competitors. This marks the importance of information management which forms a system to handle the...
Dec 07 2021

Artificial Intelligence and its Future in Digital Marketing

Introduction Technology is rapidly growing at every moment. The marketing field has undergone a drastic change due to the introduction of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence based digital marketing delivers improved customer experiences, thereby uplifting the company’s fame. It in...
Dec 02 2021

Cyber Security Risk Management

Introduction Most businesses depend upon online networks for their operations. Information Technology has become an integral part of the business. So, it becomes indispensable to protect the digital assets of the organization. It can be done by practicing proper cyber risk management. This document...
Nov 27 2021

Role of Digital Certificates in Preventing Ransomware Attacks

Cyber-attacks are being very common in this world of technology. In that Ransomware is the largest known attack. This document will give you information about ransomware attacks, prevention of ransomware attacks, digital certificates, and how digital certificates can prevent ransomware attacks. Wha...
Nov 22 2021