Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a most convenient way for organizations who want to secure multiple domain names, subdomains and multi-level subdomains. It helps large businesses to secure their whole group and encrypt all transmitted information using a single certificate.

You will experience strong protection with our cheap multi-domain wildcard certificate as the certificate comes with strong encryption that does not allow cyber intruders to intercept ongoing data between the server and the browsers.

You can add up to 100 SAN wildcard domains during the lifecycle of a certificate. Being a cost-saving certificate, you do not go after each SSL certificate to secure the domain, but you will get a single roof for all your wildcard domains and their subdomains.

How Multi Domains Wildcard SSL Works?

An asterisk is required before each primary domain name to fulfill the condition of this certificate as you do in a regular wildcard SSL certificate.

This certificate also secures regular domain of a wildcard domain like * will secure also that you need to specify in CSR (certificate signing request).

Multi domain wildcard SSL covers your entire business module. For Example,

  • Common Name – * (secure and it’s all subdomains)
  • SAN Domain 1 – * (secure blog. and it’s all subdomains)
  • SAN Domain 2 – * (secure and it’s all subdomains)

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Note – This certificate can secure only same level subdomains of your requested domain name.

The certificate comes with unlimited server licenses that allows to install a single multi domain wildcard on different servers. You should reissue your current SSL certificate and install it on multiple servers if your wildcard domains are spread across various servers.

When you have a chance to secure multiple domain names and their unlimited subdomains in a single SAN Wildcard certificate then, strong protection for all covered subdomains is guaranteed. Whether you have a single wildcard domain or multiple wildcard domains, all will be covered in a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate. The most advantage of this feature is saving a hard-earned money to be spent after purchase of each certificate.



Strongest 256-bit encryption

SHA-2 encryption makes a strong bridge between the server and a browser for data transition. Users will have strong 256-bit encryption that boosts their confidence to deal on the site. Multi-Domain wildcard offers strong encryption that is prescribed as per the latest security standard and protocols. Due to robust security, cyber intruders cannot sniff the ongoing information and the data remains secured.

2048-bit Key Encryption

2048-bit Key Encryption

RSA 2048-bit signature key makes certificate more secure against eavesdropping and MiTM attacks. Such strong key encryption makes it resilient that assures your data security. When customers feel safe on your website, they would likely to do more business with you and freely deal on the site. A strong signature key helps to web security and customer assurance as a result you will increase the business volume in the long run.

Secure up to 100 SAN + Wildcard Domains

Secure up to 100 SAN + Wildcard Domains

Buy Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate to secure up to 100 different domain names along with their unlimited subdomains under this single certificate; it means no need to spend extra money on individual certificate for each domain. All will be protected underneath this certificate as well; they enjoy the same encryption strength. Moreover, a single certificate will give you peace of mind in handling certificate management.

Money & Time Saver

Money & Time Saver

For a small or medium-size business that always looks for a budget-friendly SSL certificate then, this certificate is an ideal selection for your business. It allows you to save money on the purchase of your single domain instead of gives full protection for all your wildcard domains under a single certificate. Moreover, you can get discounted prices while selecting the maximum validity of a certificate, as well as add subdomains later.

Simplify Certificate Management

Simplify Certificate Management

Remembering each expiry of an individual wildcard certificate is the most challenging task, and due to such a hectic job, your visitors sometime could face insecure warning while browsing your website due to expired certificate. However, a multi-domain wildcard will free you from such tedious task and simplified certificate management. You need to remember only a single expiry date for all your covered wildcard domains and their subdomains. It will never upset your visitors, and they can enjoy active certificate benefits on your website.

Compatibility for Browser and Server

Compatibility for Browser and Server

Whether you are browsing the site on chrome, safari, edge, or any other browser, this certificate is highly compatible with most of the browsers. Even, you can install and run a multi-domain wildcard on Apache, Nginx, cPanel, or any server; you will find the highest server compatibility with this certificate. This certificate carries more than 99% browser and server compatibility; hence, there are no chance of SSL warnings that your customers would face while browsing your site.

Better Trust with Enhanced conversions

Better Trust with Enhanced conversions

A secure site conveys a message to your visitors about the site’s security and credibility. Hence, there are chances of more traffic on the website; as a result, the sales of your store may go high soon. A trusted site seal and HTTPS on the website assures customers that their credentials and other financial information is secure with strong encryption. Even Google announces support to the HTTPS site for better search ranking.

Products Details

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL is a cost-saving certificate that allows securing multi-level wildcard domains and their respective subdomains. All domains will have robust 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption that keeps data integrity during data travelling between the server and a browser. Moreover, you can add up to 100 SAN domains to make certificate management simple with many other useful features.

Special Discount Price: $122.40 /yr.