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What is an SSL Certificate?

The SSL certificate is a digital signature that encrypts online transactions between the visitor’s web browser and web server. The certificate validates the identity of a business and encodes the information. The certificate comes from a reputed certificate authority (CA) like RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec, Comodo, AlphaSSL, and GlobalSign. SSL certificate has now become a substitute word for web security. Whenever a user sends confidential information like log-in credentials, credit or debit card data, the user’s browser communicates with the aimed server’s digital certificate to set up a secure connection.

The SSL certificate contains information like

  • Certificate owner’s name
  • Certificate serial number and expiry date
  • A copy of the certificate owner’s public key
  • A digital signature of the CA

SSL certificate accompanies with encryption strength that makes web transactions stronger and makes impossible for outsiders or intruder to recognize the passing information. SSL certificate can only be obtained after the verification of a legitimate certificate authority. The requirement of SSL certificate emerges in the current age because of evolving hacking actions. Hackers can swipe a credit or debit card data by causing malevolent tricks like phishing, virus or malware injection.