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How to Purchase an SSL Certificate?

Follow the step by step instructions to Order an SSL Certificate for your website

SSL encryption is an emerging need for most online shopping stores. With the growing data on snooping and phishing activities, SSL encryption is in great demand these days. SSL is a protocol that encrypts the data traveling between the web browser and the web server and comes in the form of a certificate that a certificate authority will provide after following a strict verification process. For that, it is advised to purchase an SSL certificate and install it, which not only secures the data but also assures the identity of the website.

Choose right SSL certificate from trusted CA

There are many types of SSL certificates offered by leading certificate authorities. You should evaluate your business requirements and select best SSL certificate.

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Generate CSR on your desired server

You need to provide your customer details to generate CSR (certificate signing request). You will get CSR and private key then you need to copy the data from the files and paste into notepad editor. Now save both files separately.

Complete order process

While you complete SSL certificate order process, you will receive an order confirmation mail. In the meantime, you will get another email to complete SSL configuration process where includes a unique configuration link. Now open it and submit your generated CSR to start the verification process.

Authentication process

CA will review your certificate request and follow verification process. If you choose domain validation, you will get the certificate in a few minutes due to automated verification process. If you choose an organization or extended validation certificate, you should present organizational documents to certificate authority.

Install SSL certificate on your server

Once certificate authority will approve your certificate request, they will send your certificate through the email. You must download and install it on your preferred server.

SSL requires a systematic procedure starting from a selection of the SSL certificate, its installation and moving site on HTTPS entirely.

At last, do not forget to implement SSL Secure Seal to enhance customers’ trust. When visitors see the HTTPS, Secure Padlock, and Secured Site Seal, they are encouraged to deal with your website.

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