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How to Renew an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate Renewal Guide: A step by step process to renew SSL certificate

Expiry and Renewal are an integral and inherent part of an SSL certificate. Renew SSL certificate regular is so important to keep live your identity among customers. Many times, organizations forget to renew their SSL certificate from time to time.

What could happen if you forget to renew SSL Certificate?

If you forget the renewing SSL certificate that the website is occurring with a warning message “the website certificate is expired”. Even hackers or cybercriminals could take advantage of expired SSL certificate and spy the information transmitting between the server and the browser.

When customers will see the warning message that they will stop trusting on your website and avoid online communications. Learn How expired SSL can effect on your online business.

How to Renew Your SSL certificate at SSL2BUY?

Whether you have purchased your SSL certificate from any vendor or reseller, you have always the choice of getting it renewed with SSL2BUY.
renew ssl certificate

Do not worry! You do not have to go through a prolonged renewal process because SSL2BUY has streamlined the SSL renewal process. Therefore, you have to follow few steps:

  • Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • Select your desired SSL certificate.
  • Click on “BUY | RENEW
  • Select the validity, quantity and insert coupon code.
  • Click on “ADD TO CART” button.
  • Review your order and Login to your Account.
  • Confirm your billing information and click on “PAY NOW” to complete your transaction.
  • You will get SSL configuration details via email.
  • Follow configuration process.
  • Complete the validation process.
  • Once you receive your certificate, you need to install SSL certificate on your server.

Get Extra Validity with Earlier SSL Renewal

Renewing your SSL certificate from SSL2BUY at an earlier stage will give you validity benefit. You will not lose your current validity and will get bonus validity on your SSL renewal. The underneath table shows the additional days of validity comes with the certificate renewal.

Renewal Bonus Options Validity Bonus
Before 1-15 days Before Expiry 30 days
After 1-15 days of Expiry 30 days

So why should go for pricey renewals when you have an amazing and cheap SSL renewal solution away from a few mouse clicks. Just browse SSL2BUY for renewing your current SSL certificate to save your hard-earned money.

SSL Certificate Renewal Faqs

Do I need to create a new CSR while renewing my SSL/TLS certificate?

For security reasons, it is recommended to create a new CSR while going through the SSL certificate renewal process. A new CSR generates distinctive CSR and Private keys for a requested certificate, which means you have the new private key for your certificate.

Although, if you decided to use your current CSR, then you can use it.

What time will it take to renew my SSL Certificate?

The certificate renewal process will be the same as buying a new SSL certificate. At the time of renewal, you need to pass through the certificate validation process again. So, issuance time depends on the certificate you selected.

The ideal time of certificate the issuance is below, but it can be different for some cases of improper validation.

Certificate Types Issuance Time
DV SSL – Domain Validated Certificates 15 to 30 Minutes
OV SSL – Organization Validated Certificates 1 to 2 Days
EV SSL – Extended Validated Certificates 1 to 5 Days

How to determine if my SSL Certificate is Expired or not?

If your site certificate has been expired, then browsers will trigger warnings “Your connection is not private”.

However, you can check your certificate validity using one of the given methods.


  • Open your website in the browser.
  • Click on the “Padlock” icon displayed in the address bar.
  • Click on the “Certificate”.
  • You will find the certificate validity date under the “Valid from” and “to” section.


  • Use our SSL checker tool
  • Just place the website name and click on the “CheckSSL” button.
  • You can find certificate details including “Valid from” and “Valid to” date.

If you are an existing client of SSL2BUY, then relax. We will notify you several times via email before the expiry date.

Why should I install a new certificate if I am renewing my existing certificate?

SSL certificate renewal process is similar to buying a new certificate for your website. Certificate authorities must follow industry – standard regulations defined by the CAB forum guide, so each certificate comes with limited validity and hard coded expiration date. No one can extend the life of the existing certificate.

When you are renewing a certificate, CA will issue new certificate with a new validity period. So, you must replace an installed certificate with the newest one on your server.

I paid for my renewal (where is my certificate/why is my site not secure)?

It can happen because of an incomplete process. Once you have paid for renewal, you must complete the configuration and validation process. Once you get a renewed SSL certificate, you need to install a new certificate and remove the old one.

Is it possible to extend the expiration date of a certificate?

SSL certificates cannot be edited or modified so, once it is expired, you need to renew them. You cannot extend the validity date of a current SSL certificate.

When is the right time to renew an SSL certificate?

You should renew the current certificate before it gets expired. However, SSL2BUY will send renewal reminders before the certificate expiry date. To avoid site warnings and business losses, it is advisable to renew a certificate earlier than it expired. The remaining days will be added to a new certificate.

Do I need to re-validate my organization details for OV/EV certificate renewal?

Yes. The CA must re-verify the organization details before each OV or EV SSL certificate is issued. If you are using the exact organization details that were previously used, your provided documents can be reused during the verification process. So, you can get your certificate faster.

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