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Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Your website needs an SSL certificate, If you are asking for any personal information from your visitors. SSL certificate protects online transactions and enhances the confidence of customers to deal with your secure website.

Every day a large amount of data transfers among different servers in this cyber age. On the other side, hacking is also growing concern for any businesses. Without data encryption, It is an open door for hackers; they can steal your data and misuse them. This havoc compels security experts, organizations, and security geeks to mull over data security especially in data transition. An encrypted data is hard to read, edit, and crack. SSL is a smart and ideal solution for data encryption.

Who need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is specially designed for E-commerce organizations, online service provider, third party payment provider (like PayPal), banks or financial institutions, or any other entity that deals with online transactions and collects credit card or debit card information, login information (username and password) or other personal data.

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What Kind of Information SSL Can Protect?

SSL protocol secures many types of transmitting information between the browser and the server or between two servers.

  • Login information: Login details also classed as sensitive while accessing private data. If the login form is not encrypted with SSL, attackers can reveal the details and misuse against the victim. Learn SSL will help to secure your login information.
  • Financial information: If you deal with any eCommerce website, where you want to make payment via bank details, credit or debit card, the website must have an SSL certificate to encrypt the financial details to prevent data theft.
  • Confidential information: If you collect or transfer any confidential data like medical information, SSN, license number or personal details, it should require an SSL security against malicious monitoring. Any legal or confidential information that transmits over the web could lead to monetary loss or legal consequences if it is not encrypted very well.

How Does SSL Protects Your Data?

SSL protects online transactions and other private information that has driven over the cyber world. As per Google Announcement, SSL certificate will help to increase more traffic to the secured website and enhance the confidence of customers and visitors.

  • Before issuing an SSL certificate, the certificate authority validates the domain and/or business authentication that proves your organization credibility. (Learn more about SSL certificates validation process)
  • The transactions taken place on encrypted website carries 256-bit encryption that encodes the information with strong protection.
  • The SSL works with the private and public key pair, which should be matched during the SSL handshake. If the keys do not match, it cannot create a secure connection.

How SSL can Protect Your Site from Snooping Eyes?

The more people connect to the internet to meet their daily needs, the more SSL certificates that organizations are required for their customer’s data safety. When an SSL certificate is applied, the information becomes incomprehensible to everybody except for the server. Thus, SSL Certificate saves your data from hackers and identity thieves. When an SSL is on the server, the address URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS. SSL not only secure the information but also authenticate your business identity and help to win the trust of your customers.

How to Check The Website is Secured with SSL?

  • If the website is enabled with SSL, the URL of the website will start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. An extra “S” tell customers that the website is secure.
  • If website having an SSL certificate that the SSL padlock enables in the browser address bar.
  • If the website is equipped with an Extended Validation certificate the address bar will turn into green bar.

In both above cases, it confirms that the website is safe to fill your private information and make online transactions.

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