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How to Protect Your Smartphone from Hackers?

Oftentimes, we reckon too much on technology these days, at times it’s OKAY, but often it can lead to dangerous circumstances. Basically, it is not only the high-tech devices and Smartphone with the latest screen and touch technology that entice users, but also the information accessibility that hugely holds the masses. It is needless to say that the data and the information stored on your device, however, has a higher value than the hardware of the Smartphone.

Recalling the past or just going a few years back, mobile phone security and cyber security was the last thing on the mind of users’ worldwide. But today, it has become prudently crucial to monitor and run a check of cell phone security. Keeping your data and information secure on your Smartphone is quite critical as securing the desktop and laptop computers.

For example – sometimes, people use unsecured Wi-Fi network at public places for mobile transactions and other applications; this can leave your personal records and other vulnerable data at high risk of threats and theft.  This is the reason we shall pay more attention towards securing our Smartphone and mobile devices.

The era of Smartphone

Today, Smartphone have evolved from being able to just check the emails to offering us to do a plethora of stuff with or without paired with other devices. Nowadays, we use our Smartphone as digital wallet with the digital wallet apps to store numerous credit cards information and PIN numbers. Additionally, most of us use our phones for our private information as well via Smartphone apps such as – chat logs, calendars, pictures, notes, and etc. We rely on our Smartphone for almost everything today, see the stats below –

According to a report from a reputed website in 2017, over a third of the world’s population is anticipated to own a Smartphone, with an estimated total of almost 2.6 billion Smartphone users in the world.

Smartphone shipments worldwide are projected to elevate up to 1.8 billion in 2019 where China being the largest global Smartphone market in terms of shipments.

These stats clearly indicate the growth and a paradigm shift in the use of Smartphone worldwide, hence giving us a signal on the Smartphone security being imperative. In short, there are multiple security concerns a Smartphone user shall have to consider by using sound security practices. Don’t stop! Keep reading the article for know some great tips to secure your Smartphone, although there is no specific trail of tips and tricks but few simpler steps and decisions can make your phone safe and secure.

Set a strong PIN/PASSCODE or security lock for your screen

Leaving your phone open or unattended for only a few minutes can lead to someone accessing or extracting a lot of precious information and data. Which is why having a strong lock-screen security is fundamental to keep your Smartphone away from redundant users. This step is one of the easiest ways to keep your data pretty safe from thefts.

Many Smartphone manufacturers understand that privacy is imperative thus this feature is enabled in all the Smartphone with advanced features. Also, for further security from thieves trying to break the lock-screen code and forceful hacking you can enable a feature that will erase all the data from your Smartphone after a preset number of unsuccessful attempts.

Keep your software updated

It is not necessary that one shall have only have iPhone (that consist one of the strongest iOS. Software), even if you have android or window phones it is always advisable to run an update on latest OS software version available. At times with android phones, it can take a while to upgrade the new version of software as it goes through network testing.

The manufacturers of Smartphone offer a feature to set your phone on automatic software update under mobile data or Wi-Fi on-mode make sure the box is ticked.

Turn-off settings when not using Smartphone

Phishing maneuvers are a leading way that cyber criminals steal data from your Smartphone. The hackers are pretty smart to steal the data by any means from your phone.

Thus turn-off some phone settings like – Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication), location services, mobile data, and Wi-Fi when your phone is not in use, this will not only prevent the hackers to peep through your data but also will conserve the Smartphone battery.

Make sure the Bluetooth and location services is turned off when not in use, as a lot of mobile applications fetch the information which can be dangerous.

Keep Safe Your Information with Encryption

Encryption transmits your content securely using cryptography technology, so anyone cannot read your information without pass code or password to decrypt it. It will protect your all sensible data from cyber thieves.

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  • Encryption in Android: In the android phones, users need to setting up encryption by hand. Ahead of procedure, users must have to create a strong password (if you will forget your password, your Smartphone will be locked permanently). It is also essential to get back up of your important data and check the phone battery due to avoid the crash of process. Users can easily enable encryption through the settings.
  • Encryption in iPhone: While you set up password in iPhone 4 and above versions then it automatically enabled with encryption. Even if your iPhone is encrypted when it is locked. If your iPhone will be stolen then encryption can protect your sensitive data from strangers. You need to bind that encryption to a passcode that only you know.

Avoid downloading shady mobile apps

This step has a lot of things to talk about, as mobile apps are the prime factor when you use your Smartphone and they are also one of the major sweeps from where the information can get lost. Not all the apps are same or they collect the same information from you. At times, there are few shabby apps as well that have unauthorized access or unidentified platform for downloading.

These kinds of apps can seek for a variety of personal information from you, often that are not all related to the concerned app. Thus, make sure you run a check on all the controls and permissions before downloading the app on your Smartphone. Do not forget to check the reviews and ratings from the users before getting the app; this will help you from some sneaky apps, in turn saving your crucial information.

Shield your Smartphone with anti-virus

Once the phone was stolen or misplaced, the chances to retain it are less, thus it is huge damage. As today Smartphone are not cheap, it is a big investment, the loss or damage becomes double the money. Additionally, cyber attacks are sometimes pain in the neck, thus to protect your phone from these events, total mobile protection from unwanted elements is a must.

Always install a good and authenticated anti-virus suite or software or an app that will secure your data and all the precious information. Moreover, this app will help to safeguard your phone against malware, viruses, and other digital threats that can harm your Smartphone.

Try to lessen the Browser outflow

This step is related to all your surfing and search engine searches. All the websites you visit no matter on how many browsers and search engines it collects and save your browsing history by default, thus, needless to mention that all the hackers and trackers keep an eye on it. Therefore, to reduce leakage of information try using ‘private window mode’. You get this option with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and then it further depends on which Smartphone you are using.

The best way to keep your Smartphone safe from browsing blunders is to regularly clear the history and keep yourself out from “personalized ads”. You can do this easily on your android and iPhone by going to setting options. For example – on iPhone, scroll down to the bottom of your Privacy settings to Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking.

Keep your dear phone with you always

This step states that you should try not to lose your Smartphone ever, keep it safe and near to you, but this is easier said than done. But unfortunate circumstances can occur with anyone. Therefore if your much-loved Smartphone is lost, or someone picks pocketed it, or by mistake, you took someone else’s phone, then your phone is gone to end.

There are some apps locate your Smartphone apps that can be installed on your android or iPhone, those can help in locating your Smartphone and can even help in erasing the data so that you do not become a victim of identity theft.

It’s smart to have backup of your Smartphone data

As mentioned in the above point, unforeseen circumstances can happen anywhere with anybody, thus it is advisable to keep your Smartphone synchronized with other device or computer, just in case you face any theft or malware attack. Ensure that you take regular backups of your Smartphone so that you’re all important documents, contacts, credit card details and other crucial information is in safe hands. To execute this backup there are many methods and software available, also few advanced mobile devices offer automatic backup facility as well. This step is not a highly technical method, though, yet it is essential for securing your Smartphone.

To conclude, all the above points or steps are related to Smartphone protection and on how to make your phone safe. Thus, you may find some are technical methods and some are generic yet useful. Also, it depends on which Smartphone you are using and with the ever-changing digital threats; manufacturers and the developers are also working hard to give you tech-savvy solutions for securing your Smartphone. Be Safe and Alert!