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SSL2BUY is just fine ! Although SSL certificate creation process is not that simple, everything went right with my new AlphaSSL one-year wildcard certificate. After that, I had a problem with my hosting : my domain IP address were modified. I didn't know whether I had to recreate my SSL certifcate. I opened a SSL2BUY support ticket and got a accurate answer straightaway. I didn't have to do so. But if I had to (in case of another hosting), SSL2BUY support was ready to recreate it for me.
*** Very attractive SSL certificate prices ! (with use of promo codes)
*** Excellent customer support !
Philippe JE
Well... It's not 5 stars, it's 10 stars! We had a problem with one certificate after moving to a new server/ip-address.
We are in Switzerland, very far from SSL2BUY. Usually a certificate is bound to an IP Address. For that single certificate we pay something like 70$ per year. So - another support would probably not even bother to help us in such a situation and would just sell us another certificate.
But! SSL2BUY took the time to understand our emergency, it reissued a new certificate in a matter of minutes, no questions asked. Then started the problems - we could not connect to our server over SSL/TLS with errors hidden in the source of the OpenSSL library installed on the server. It turned out it's not a SSL2BUY problem. But they continued to reissue certificates and stayed with their knowledge and helping hands on our side for HOURS! We recompiled different versions of OpenSSL, Nginx, changed configurations, until THEY resolved the problem with OUR server! Without additional cost for us.
So - thank you SSL2BUY! That level of support is hard to find anywhere today!
With best regards from a deeply impressed client
Plamen Stamov