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How to Enable an SSL Certificate on iPhone or iPad?

A Brief Guide to Enable an SSL Certificate on iPhone or iPad

SSL is termed as secure socket layer that secures communication takes place between the sender and receiver with strong encryption. SSL can be implemented on Email exchange servers that work on IMAP mail protocol. Before enabling SSL on iPhone or iPad, it is necessary to know your POP or IMAP email server setting. In this article, we will go through the process of enabling SSL on iPhone or iPad whether you use existing mail account or a new email account. By enabling SSL in iPhone setting, you will have continuous security protection and it prevents the third party from observing your emails.
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Enable SSL on Incoming Email Server

  1. Browse Homepage, click on “Settings” tab.iphone home settings
  2. Under setting menu, click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.iphone mail contacts calenders
  3. Choose the email account you wish to secure with SSL.iphone accounts
  4. Now, tap on email address under “Account”.iphone email set up
  5. Tap on “Advanced”.iphone advanced option
  6. Slide down to turn on “Use SSL” section usually found under “INCOMING SETTINGS”. If you use IMAP then port to “993” and for POP, use port “995”.iphone use ssl on

Enable SSL on Outgoing Email Server

  1. Now go back to “Account” and click on “SMTP” under the “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER”.iphone outcoming mail server
  2. Tap the primary server, where domain server name is assigned.iphone smtp
  3. Enable “Use SSL” ON.iphone smtp ssl on
  4. Make sure Server Port is “465”.
  5. Tap “Done”.
  6. Now restart iPhone to take SSL effect on your device.

Note: The above procedure will be slightly different as per iPhone software version but the settings will remain the same.

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