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Our SSL checker tool will thoroughly analyze your SSL certificate details and will help you diagnose SSL installation troubleshoots. You can quickly confirm that the installed SSL certificate is valid and trusted by all major browsers as well working correctly on your web server.

To test the certificate installation, you have to enter your hostname (must be public) in the below-given box.

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SSL Checker Faqs

What is SSL Checker?

SSL checker is a useful tool assures that SSL is trusted, valid, and working correctly or not. Security personnel use an SSL checker to analyze and fix issues related to SSL installation. SSL checker gives ample information about an SSL certificate. You need to enter the hostname in the given box and press the Check SSL button to know the certificate’s status.

How to check SSL is active or not?

SSL checker verifies about the SSL certificate installation. SSL checker displays certificate issuance and expiry date on which you can check whether the current SSL certificate is expired or active.

Which things will SSL Checker display?

SSL checker will display useful details of a certificate like domain/Common Name, certificate authority as an issuer, certificate’s validity, algorithm type, SAN details, serial number, organization name, location.

How to use SSL Checker?

SSL checker page allows an empty box where you can type hostname or domain name and click on the Check SSL button to get the certificate details.

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