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Validates your Organization Identity

Organization Validation SSL certificates will be issued after the confirming your business identity. Certificate Authority will confirm your control over the domain name plus authenticate the business reliability. The certificate authority verifies the details include the SSL certificate like contact information, business name, common name, city, state, country. The certificate authority (CA) will take 2 to 3 days in verifying business details.

Make Your Business Reliable

The organization validation SSL certificate is more trustworthy than domain validation certificate. Domain validation follows the process of domain name ownership verification carried out by a certificate authority that excludes business detail verification.

The organization validation process includes the confirmation of the applicant’s business information with the help of AOI (Article of Incorporation) and makes sure that the company’s physical address is the same as stated in the application. Hence, organization validation certificate helps to gain more business compare to domain validation certificate.

Gain Customer Trust

When customers click on a padlock placed near HTTPS that indicates the website is trusted and secure. OV certificate will put more trust to the customers when they ensure that the trusted certificate authority verifies the website. As a result, customers will experience secured online shopping.

Ideal Solution For:

  • Small and medium businesses that deal with e-commerce.
  • Prove the business existence and online identity.
  • Gain the confidence of online customers over the web.


SSL2BUY offers diversified Organization Validation Certificates range starting from Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, and GlobalSign. SSL seekers do not have to hesitate about the higher pricing because we always try to provide web security keeping in mind reliability, authenticity, and affordable price.