Thawte SSL Web Server is one the most premium organization validated (OV) certificate. It will increase the credibility of your business. Assure your customers that they are dealing with the legitimate and trusted website and their information will remain secure.

  • Strongest 256-bit Encryption
  • Free Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 30-days Refund Policy
  • $1.25 Million Warranty
Multi-year notes: You will have to re-issue your certificate every year to meet the CA/B Forum guidelines. It is a free process. Read more.
SSL2BUY Price $80.00/yr.
Vendor Price $796.00
Total $400.00


Prove Your Business Reliability

Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates secure your private data which are traveled over the web. As an organization validation (OV) certificate, it verifies your website and organization identity before issue your certificate. Users can see the common name (CN) and organization name (O) in the certificate details. It provides assurance to your customer that your online business was verified by most trusted certificate authority Thawte.

Strengthen Security

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate provides ample of protection with 2048-CSR encryption and 256-bit SSL encryption to web transactions. This certificate is designed for SMBs that validated your organization is an active entity.

Increase Conversions

Thawte SSL Web Server establishes a business identity, also provides a peace of mind to potential and current customers. It is a combination of authenticity and robust encryption with best brand assurance, which leads to higher ROI and web conversation.

Free Site Seal – More Assurance

Thawte Secure Site Seal also ensures customers that their credentials and financial information are secure. Even customers can click on a dynamic site seal to check the details of the certificate, organization name. Customers will satisfy when they reveal that they are interacting with a business, which is certified by one of the most reliable Thawte Certificate authority.

Why Buy Thawte SSL Web Server from SSL2BUY?

When you buy Thawte SSL web server certificate from SSL2BUY, you are eligible to get 30 days money back guarantee and 24 x 7 technical chat supports. Equipped with highest browser compatibility and unlimited free re-issue facility, this certificate is the first choice of medium or large business.

SSL2BUY is offering the same certificate at a cheap price as compare to Thawte official website.

All specs

Product Name Product Name Thawte SSL Web Server
Price Price $80.00/yr.
sha2 ssl Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google Rankings Search Engine Visibility SSL will Boost Google Rankings
validation Validation Type Full Organization Validation
issuance Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days
domain secured Domains Secured +
server licenses Server Licenses Unlimited Server Licenses
csr CSR Encryption 2048-bit
ssl SSL Encryption Robust 256-bit Encryption
Trust Trust Indicators HTTPS & Padlock
smartphone support Mobile & Smartphone Support 99%
browser compatibility Browser Compatibility 99%
client os compatibility Client OS Compatibility 99%
malware scan Includes Malware Scan No
trust seal Includes Trust Seal Yes
SSL Reissuance Unlimited Free Reissues
warrnaty Warranty $1.25M USD by Thawte
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Days 100% Money Back

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