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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise (S/MIME) makes your emails more secure. It adds digital signatures to your emails and validates the identity of the sender. This way, the recipients can be sure that the email is from a trusted source. CPAC enables two-factor authentication along with 2048-bit cryptographic keys for better protection.
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Comparison Between Comodo PAC Enterprise and Basic Certificate

Product Name CPAC Enterprise CPAC Basic
Root Certificate Authority Comodo Root CA Comodo Root CA
$45.00/year $13.50/year
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Requirements for Verification Email Validation,
Identity Verification,
Organization Validation
Email Validation
Person Name
Company Name
Company Address
Email address only
Email Encryption    
Email Signing    
Vendor Price $66.50/year $17.50/year
Now Only $45.00/year $13.50/year
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Buy Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate Enterprise (S/MIME)

Comodo Personal Authentication certificate with enterprise validation is an ideal way to avert email compromises. It ensures users are dealing with the intended party for email communication. These certificates are compatible with the most popular mobile OS, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and other important mail apps. Plus, they’re easy to install too.

  • Email Security
  • Digitally Signed Document
  • Different Validations
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • MS Office, VBA, Open Office Platforms Supported
  • PKI Support
  • Higher Browser Compatibility
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (S/MIME) Enterprise

Features and Benefits of Comodo PAC Enterprise (S/MIME) Certificate

Digitally Signature

Digitally Signed Emails

With a Comodo Personal Authentication certificate, you can digitally sign your emails, making sure they’re safe to open. A digital signature helps the recipient confirm that the email is from the intended identity. It also ensures that the content of an email is not modified since it is signed.

2-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

CPAC offers two-factor authentication when a user logs in. This process runs in the background and does not interfere with user experience. It removes the worry of unwanted access to network resources or online accounts. This kind of security is what banks use to make sure it’s really you logging in. So, only the authorized person can access the account.

Email Encryption

Email Encryption

Users get a strong 256-bit encryption strength to encode emails and files. CPAC provides substantial security to email communication. Strong encryption prevents leaking email content and thus protects the company’s privacy. The certificate adheres to encryption standards set by the NIST and the CA/Browser forum.


High Assurance

The Comodo Personal Authentication certificate is all about trust. It makes sure that both the sender and receiver of an email are who they say they are. This means only the people you want can read and send emails, and no third party can intervene your email conversations. Plus, the certificate’s 2048-bit cryptographic key adds an extra layer of trust. Also the powerful 256-bit encryption makes your emails super safe.

Higher Validation

Higher Validation

CPAC offers enterprise-level validation that includes identity verification and complete organization validation. The certificate fields include verified email address, first and last name, company name and address. Plus, it’s valid for up to two years, giving you lasting security. A user will have the same level of encryption and signature strength as other validation types. But the main advantage is a verified company identity.

Highest Compatibility

Highest Compatibility

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates (S/MIME) are trusted by major browsers, email servers, web servers, and operating systems. They work smoothly on popular platforms like Mac OS X, Windows, Netscape Communicator, MS Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Thus ensuring seamless compatibility without any errors.

Cheapest Price

Cheap Price

Getting a Comodo Personal Authentication certificate is easy and affordable. At SSL2BUY, we offer competitive prices that cater to your needs. Comodo Personal Authentication certificates are inexpensive, regardless of whether you choose a basic or enterprise validation.