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DigiCert Standard SSL/TLS Certificates

Unlock exceptional digital security with DigiCert Standard SSL/TLS Certificates or OV Certificates—where globally trusted encryption, award-winning priority support, the esteemed DigiCert Secured site seal, and swift validation covers unparalleled online protection and peace of mind.

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Get secured affordably with DigiCert Standard SSL/TLS Certificates, offering robust encryption for your domain. Optimize costs while enjoying the flexibility of configuring any DigiCert TLS/SSL certificate as a Multi-domain or Wildcard solution.

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Basic OV
SSL Certificate

Secure Site
SSL Certificate

Secure Site Pro
SSL Certificate

DigiCert trust seal
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Issuance Time Within a Few Hours 1 – 3 Business Days 1 – 3 Business Days
Multi-Year Subscription Plan check check check
Flexible Configurable check check check
Multi Server Licenses check check check
Warranty $1.25M USD $1.75M USD $2M USD
Site Seal DigiCert Seal DigiCert Smart Seal DigiCert Smart Seal
Malware Scanner check
Blocklist Checker check check
CT Log Monitoring check
Any DigiCert TLS/SSL certificate can now be configured as a Multi-domain or Wildcard certificate. Add SANs or Wildcard SANs as needed.

Benefits of DigiCert Standard SSL/TLS Certificates

Reliable Encryption

DigiCert standard SSL/TLS Certificates not only activate the coveted HTTPS and lock icon, but they also ensure robust encryption to safeguard sensitive data, fostering trust among users.

Enhanced Brand Conviction

Strengthen your brand identity with DigiCert, as their certificates go beyond encryption to provide a visual cue that signifies reliability, boosting user confidence in your online presence.

PCI DSS Compliance

Meet PCI standards effortlessly, as DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificates are designed to align with the rigorous security requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Unified Security

DigiCert certificates ensure the encryption of data transmitted, protect sensitive information, and also authenticate website identity. This unified approach to security instills confidence in users, enhancing trust and credibility for the website owner.

Legitimacy Assurance

Prove the legitimacy of your website and business with DigiCert’s renowned standard SSL/TLS Certificates, establishing authenticity and credibility to instill confidence in your customers.

Flexible Certificate Configuration

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with DigiCert, allowing you to configure their certificates as Multi-domain or Wildcard solutions, adapting to the evolving needs of your digital infrastructure seamlessly.

Explore More DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificates

DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure your website and all its subdomains seamlessly with DigiCert Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificates, offering instant issuance, & effortless installation.

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save upto 14.61%

DigiCert EV SSL/TLS Certificates

Elevate your website’s security with DigiCert EV SSL/TLS Certificates, providing the highest level of assurance and trust for your online presence.

starts from$326.67view products
save upto 18.60%

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates

Secure your software and code integrity with DigiCert Code Signing Certificates, offering robust protection against tampering and malware injection.

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save upto 27.57%

DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificates– A Digitally Secured Gateway

DigiCert Basic OV SSL Certificate

DigiCert Basic OV SSL/TLS is an OV certificate, a reliable option favorable for critical projects demanding reliable server authentication. This fast-issued solution meets software and industry standards, this X.509 format certificate assures compatibility with all major browsers, ensuring a seamless and secure browsing experience for users.

The support for 2048-bit public key encryption reinforces the certificate’s strength, instilling confidence in both you and your visitors. Moreover, the inclusion of free reissues throughout the certificate’s lifetime demonstrates DigiCert’s commitment to ongoing support and security.

For businesses where user trust is paramount, the DigiCert Basic TLS is a standout choice. Empower your online presence with a certificate that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing peace of mind for you and a secure environment for your valued customers.

The certificate’s 256-bit symmetric encryption guarantees the highest level of data protection, making it an ideal choice for smaller e-shops, hotels, reservation systems, and corporate websites where customers share their personal information. Buy DigiCert Basic SSL Certificate with unlimited server licensing, allowing you to expand your digital footprint without compromising security.

DigiCert Secure Site SSL Certificate

Set industry standards and get the support of multiple domains with unlimited server licensing. Accelerate trust with DigiCert Secure Site SSL, featuring priority validation for seamless OV and EV authentication. Ensure a versatile and secure digital presence compatible with nearly all browsers and operating systems along with unlimited free reissue.

Fortify your website with cutting-edge encryption technologies – RSA 2048+ or ECC 256+ keys and SHA2-256 signature algorithm. The $1.75 million protection warranty underpins your business, meeting PCI compliance requirements for secure credit card transactions.

The patent-pending DigiCert® Smart Seal adds an extra layer of active trust functionality, enriching your brand’s reputation online. Get KnowledgeBase & DigiCert Docs as an additional benefit.

Buy a DigiCert Secure Site SSL/TLS Certificate and experience unmatched online security. Benefit from high-assurance organization validation, covering both www and non-www versions of your domain. Plus, showcase your commitment to security with the prestigious DigiCert Smart Site Seal.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate

Setting the gold standard for businesses prioritizing data protection and digital identity security, these certificates support multiple domains and provide unlimited server licensing, ensuring a comprehensive shield for your online presence. Compliance is simplified with DigiCert Secure Site Pro, meeting PCI compliance requirements for secure credit card transactions.

Buy the DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL/TLS Certificate for robust online security. This certificate features powerful encryption with RSA 2048+ or ECC 256+ keys and the SHA2-256 signature algorithm, safeguarding your website against potential threats. The commitment to security extends beyond encryption, with Certificate Transparency (CT) log monitoring, URL/domain blocklist scans, and a $2 million Netsure protection warranty, fortifying your business against unforeseen risks.

With DigiCert’s dedication to ongoing support, including access to KnowledgeBase and DigiCert Docs, along with unlimited free reissues throughout the certificate’s lifetime. The patent-pending DigiCert Smart Seal adds dynamic trust functionality, assuring your visitors of a secure browsing environment.

Additionally enjoy malware detection, browser padlock assurance, priority validation queue, and URL/domain blocklist services. With a $100,000 relying party warranty and the first commercially available PQC toolkit, it provides comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats.

Does DigiCert offer Multi-Domain SSL?

DigiCert understands the need for flexibility in securing diverse web environments, so now they offer Multi-Domain and wildcard facilities with any SSL/TLS certificates. Adding extra Subject Alternative Names (SANs) secures up to 100 domains with one single SSL certificate. This eliminates the need to configure multiple IP addresses on your server, saving time and effort. Streamline SSL certificate management while maintaining strong encryption standards for all your digital assets with ease!

DigiCert: Your Trusted Partner for Enterprise-Grade Security Solutions

DigiCert is the leading choice for enterprises seeking secure, scalable TLS/SSL, IoT, and PKI solutions. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and the top 100 global banks, DigiCert’s expertise in identity and encryption guarantees the highest level of certificate security and trust.

Why Choose SSL2BUY for DigiCert SSL/ TLS Certificates and Enterprise Solutions?

DigiCert Platinum Partner Since 2011

SSL2BUY is a one-stop solution for DigiCert SSL/TLS Certificates, delivering unparalleled digital security to enterprises. By choosing SSL2BUY, buyers gain access to DigiCert’s industry-leading encryption and authentication services with the added benefits of:

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As a premium partner, SSL2BUY offers these globally trusted DigiCert certificates at competitive prices. Promoting your website’s security with SSL2BUY ensures top-tier encryption and equips exceptional value and dedicated support, making DigiCert’s robust security solutions accessible and cost-effective.

Experience seamless security— effortlessly choose, install, and build your online presence with globally trusted DigiCert solutions, ensuring the utmost protection for organizations.