What is Security Service Edge(SSE) and How Does It Help to Achieve SASE?

Introduction Every technology has its downside. Likewise, internet use also has its drawback of cyber threats, which we already know. All the companies are struggling to secure their virtual assets from cyber-attacks to run a successful business. But the threat possibilities are worsening with new ...
Nov 21 2022
Cyber Resilience: What is it and its Advantages

Cyber Resilience: What is it and its Advantages

Introduction The world is changing rapidly, and cyber-attackers are adapting to it faster than the rate of development of security solutions. Advances in technology also lead to advances in cybercrimes backed by the evolution of cybercriminals. You cannot just stick to old-school techniques to p...
Nov 03 2022
Cyber Security For Email Communication

Cyber Security For Email Communication: Why You Need It and Its Best Practices

Introduction Email is a universal means of electronic communication used by millions of people. The organization uses them to communicate with the co-employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. It also acts as a suitable medium for cybercrimes to initiate an attack that causes severe damage to t...
Sep 06 2022
Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center (SOC) – A Worthful Investment for an Organization

Introduction Modern innovations change the face of the modern digital world. Meanwhile, the risk of cyberattacks remains a disaster for every organization. A platform effectively uses humans, technology, and resources to secure organizational functions. It works continuously round the clock to erad...
Aug 15 2022

How to Detect and Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

Introduction As the cyber world grows day by day and makes our lives easier and more efficient, hidden threats and risks also increase. One of them is Ransomware, an expensive and ever-growing cyber threat on organizations' critical data, files, or any other critical information from the past few y...
Jul 11 2022

Why Online Privacy Matters to All Types of Business

Introduction Online privacy is a state where one can keep their information and activities private from others. Due to the increase in internet usage for various purposes like social media, entertainment, education, and even business, the threat to data privacy has also increased. Above all the oth...
Jun 28 2022
What is SaaS Application and How to Secure it

What is SaaS Application and How to Secure it?

Introduction In today’s SaaS market, we can see that security is an ideal concern. Compared to the last few years, there’s been a fundamental change in how businesses operate, and customers have already adopted the changes. As a result, building strong credibility is Catch-22. According to a Cy...
Jun 24 2022

Pillars of Amazon Web Services: Security, Identity, and Compliance

Introduction As more and more businesses adopt cloud computing services for their operations, the threat against cloud infrastructure is also increasing. AWS, the huge cloud service provider in the market, provides many security features to secure the cloud structure and customer data. It is essent...
Jun 02 2022

PKI Management: Role of Certificate in PKI, Components, PKI Lifecycle Management

Introduction Everyday life depends on the internet, from online banking to shopping online in this digital world. However, with the increase in the use of networking, cyber-crimes have also increased, which results in the stealing of sensitive data and the spreading of malicious software through un...
May 11 2022

Cyber Security Awareness: What Is It and Why is It Important?

Introduction With the usage of the internet in all aspects of life, including personal and professional, the need for cyber security awareness has also increased. To handle cyber threats, it is essential to be aware of the possible cyber-attacks and the methods to prevent them. This document covers...
May 02 2022