Sign your email and files with Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (PAC) equipped with identity verification and strong encryption. The certificate comes with two-factor authentication and unique cryptographic keys that allow you to attach your digital sign to email and files.

  • Secure Emails 
  • Digitally Signed Documents
  • Digital Signature
  • Secured PKI (Private Key Infrastructure)
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Level Validations (Basic, Enterprise)
  • Supports MS Office, VBA Macros, Open Office
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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate encrypts the documents and emails so that only specific people can access it and the receiver knows the email is coming from a verified sender. The certificate is highly compatible with all major browsers, operating systems, and email clients.

Email Security

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate eliminates email content exposure, which is severe damage to the company’s privacy. With strong encryption, the certificate can provide a significant amount of security to email communications. The sender and receiver will have end-to-end 256-bit encryption; hence, it can not be bugged by third parties.

Document Signing

It is easy to sign the company’s documents with a Comodo Personal Authentication certificate. The certificate allows users to sign documents related to MS Office, Open Office Suite, and Visual Studio platforms. The signed documents can be contract documents, offer sheets, archiving, and other forms. It allows you to identify as a document signer and ensure that the document is not altered since it is signed.

Two-Factor Authentication

The certificate ensures additional security by enabling two-factor authentication useful in an online account and network access. It nullifies the chances of stealing username and passwords. It is a kind of bank standard validation so, whenever a user tries to log in, the page will request two-factor authentication.

Different Validation Types

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate offers three types of validation: domain control, identity verification, and organization validation. All these validations depend upon the certificate you choose like Basic or Enterprise. Validations include simple email verification to identity verification and full organization validation.

Digital Signature

Digitally signed emails ensure a receiver that the mail is coming from the intended sender and is legitimate. The email is intact and safe to open. A digital signature confirms the identity of a valid business. Whenever an email is created and signed, the signature applies along with the private key. Upon receiving an email, the public key is used to verify it. 

256-bit Encryption

Comodo PAC uses secured PKI that enables end to end encryption. Strong 256-bit encryption assures that the user’s identity is proved to the remote server. Once the email is sent, it cannot be intercepted by any third party. Thus, it prevents unwanted data exposure due to intense security.

Highest Compatibility

You will have high compatibility with almost all browsers, operating systems, email servers, web servers with Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate. It will not show any disruption when you install the certificate. CPAC allows you as a document signer and proves personal identity assurance. The certificate also works with Microsoft Office products.


CPAC offers authentication by assuring personal identity verification, encrypts emails and files with strong 256-bit encryption. Each certificate binds emails with cryptography keys attaching a digital signature, so the recipient quickly knows about the sender’s identity. All emails and documents will have 2048-bit signature keys. Intended persons can only access encrypted emails.

Cheapest Price

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates are now handy for any individual or company. At SSL2BUY, we take care of your budget and offer a cheap price on comodo email certificates. You will not regret after purchasing an email certificate as it has most sought-after features including fast validation, strong encryption, highest compatibility and many more.

All specs

CPAC Basic
CPAC Enterprise
Root Certificate Authority Comodo Root CA Comodo Root CA
$12.00/yr. $40.00/yr.
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Requirements for Verification Domain Control Domain Control,
Identity Verification,
Organization Validation
Validates Email address only
Company Name
Company Address
Email Encryption    
Email Signing    
Document Signing    
Client Authentication    
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