Comodo Essential SSL

Validity1 Year2 Years
Comodo Price$79.95$70.95
SSL2BUY Price$40.00$35.00
You Save$39.95$35.95
vender price $70.95
per year

Comodo Ca is now Sectigo!
Same Security, Same Features for SSL Certificates
Sectigo has started issuing certificate under widely trusted USERTrust root CAs and updated TrustLogo into new brand. Read More


Comodo Essential SSL is a great option who wants to give instant security shelter to their website. Having a quality of domain validation, the certificate takes only a few minutes for issuance. SSL seeker can show their customers that they are safe on the website. The certificate is also compatible with more than 99% desktop and mobile browsers that allows smooth and hassle free browsing experience to your customers.

SSL seeker does not have to pass through a hectic legal document process, but only he/she has to have domain ownership. A free static site seal helps you to get more customers by showing the legitimacy of your website. When customers realize that a reputed certificate authority has verified your website, customers will believe in your website.

Furthermore, Comodo Essential SSL Certificate carries some exciting benefits: 256-bit robust encryption, 2048-bit root certificate, $10K warranty in case of any wrongly certificate issuance and unlimited free re-issuance. You can secure both www and non-www domain names with a single certificate.

If you are looking for cheap SSL certificate, SSL2BUY is the best option to buy discounted price Comodo Essential SSL. We are providing 30 days money back guarantee, round the clock technical and installation support.

All specs

sha2 sslAlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google RankingsSearch Engine VisibilitySSL will Boost Google Rankings
validationValidation TypeDomain Validation Only
issuanceIssuance Time15 minutes or less
domain securedDomains SecuredFQDN (www+non-www)
server licensesServer Licensesmultiple
csrCSR Encryption2048-bit
sslSSL Encryptionup to 256-bit
Green Browser BarNo
smartphone supportMobile & smartphone support99%
browser compatibilityBrowser compatibility99%
client os compatibilityClient OS compatibility 99%
malware scan Includes Malware ScanNo
trust sealIncludes Trust SealYes
ssl reissuanceSSL Reissuanceunlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
warrnatyWarranty$10,000 by Comodo
refund policyRefund Policy30 Day 100% money back

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