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What is Code Signing Certificate? How Does it Work?

Code Signing Certificate works as a blessing for software developers which ensures that the code signed by the developers is legitimate and is not altered since it is made.

Anonymous software faces many difficulties like illegal identity, spyware, malware, and harmful code. To get rid of malicious software downloads, software code verification is essential. If any malicious or anonymous download initiates, it simply shows a message “unknown publisher.”

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To keep the code safe, Code Signing Certificate is an ideal solution as it affirms the author’s name. Software developers and Webmasters take benefit from such a certificate because it creates the trust in their names and creates it more difficult to alter their products.

Code Signing Certificate works on PKI (public key infrastructure) consists of a public key and private key out of which private key is used to sign the data, and the public key is used to confirm the signature of the data. Upon signing the software code, you can timestamp your code to avoid unwanted expiry of your digital certificate. When you sign the code, users easily put trust on such software and download them as it increases credibility among software users.

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The code signing certificate is useful to sign the Content like configuration file, software objects, manual, device drivers, virus updates. There are many trusted certificate authorities (CA) such as Comodo, Digicert, and Symantec provide Code Signing certificates.

Compare Code Signing Certificates and Buy

Product Name Comodo Code Signing Certificate DigiCert Code Signing Certificate Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate
Token Shipping PAID FREE PAID
Cloud HSM
RSA Key 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit 3072-bit or 4096-bit
SHA-2 Encryption
Issuance Time 5-7 Days 5-7 Days 5-7 Days
Organization Validation
Extended Validation
Displays Verified Publisher Name
Instant SmartScreen Reputation
Individual Developer Eligibility
Microsoft Authenticode Signing
Windows 8 &10 Signing
Windows Vista X64 kernel Mode Signing
Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Apple OS X Signing
Java Signing
Mozilla Signing
Adobe AIR Signing
Microsoft Office 365 Signing
Windows Phone Apps Signing
Brew Code Signing
Microsoft Office Document Security
30 Days Money Back Policy
Vendor Price
Now Only

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