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How to Install SSL Certificate in IBM Lotus Domino

Follow the step by step instructions to Install SSL Certificate in IBM Lotus Domino

Lotus Domino is an IBM web server used in enterprise email, messaging, and collaboration. It provides the complete infrastructure for directory, database, server security, and application server involve tasks like creating, testing, deployment, distribution, etc.

In this article, we will reveal information about the installation of SSL certificate that is used to make online transactions smooth and secure over the internet. The process of SSL installation is simple but keeps in mind that it requires the same key ring that was used in CSR and the certificate will be installed in the same key ring. The process is further described below.

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First, you have to download the root certificate and intermediate certificate. Therefore, download the root certificate and save it in a text editor as “root.cer”. Now download the intermediate certificate and save in a text editor as “intermediate.cer”.

Install the Root certificate in Lotus Domino Server 🙁 Root.crt)

  • Open Lotus Domino Server Certificate Administration (CERTSRV.NSF) that is in the system database located in the admin panel of Notes.

install trusted root certificate key ring lotus domino

  • Select Install Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring.
  • Enter file name of key ring that was used in the creation of CSR.
  • Now install Trusted Root Certificate (TrustedRoot.crt)
  • If you receive a message stating that the certificate is already installed, then continue to the next step.

Install intermediate Certificate (Intermediate.crt):

  • Now again, select “install Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring” and enter the key ring name. Now install the Intermediate Certificate.

Install SSL certificate (mydomain.crt):

  • Now select “Install certificate into key Ring” and enter the key ring name.

install certificate into keyring

  • Now install your primary certificate (my_domain_name.crt) applying the “Merge Certificate into Key Ring”.

merge certificate into key ring

  • Your certificate is installed to Key Ring, and ready to use on Lotus Domino Server.

Once an SSL certificate installation process has been completed on IBM Lotus Domino Server, just confirm that your certificate is configured correctly using SSL Installation Checker.

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