RapidSSL Single Domain Certificate

Validity1 Year2 Years3 Years
RapidSSL Price$49.00$43.00$40.67
SSL2BUY Price$30.00$27.00$26.00
You Save$19.00$16.00$14.67
vender price $40.67
per year


RapidSSL certificate is a staple certificate designed for newbie organizations that wish to provide basic level security to their customers and visitors at low cost. The immediate issuance and lack of lengthy document verification make this certificate the first choice of many businesses. RapidSSL domain validation SSL issuance process is very simple and can be issued within few minutes.

With an aim to secure online transactions transmitted between the server and the browser, RapidSSL certificate provides a secure environment to customers over the web. This certificate bestows many exciting features: lifetime reissue, CA’s warranty, 2048-bit CSR encryption, 99% browser compatibility, etc.

Why should you buy RapidSSL?

Best brand, low-cost and entry-level certificate – if you have made up your mind with these three qualities, then a RapidSSL certificate is an ideal solution. Show your customers that you take security in a serious manner. It will boost customer’s confidence and as a result, they will interact with your website in a positive manner.

The certificate comes with a RapidSSL secure site seal; it says, “Secured by RapidSSL®” means it inspires customers. The secure site seal is a piece of code, and can be implemented on any page of your website.

All specs

sha2 sslAlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google RankingsSearch Engine VisibilitySSL will Boost Google Rankings
validationValidation Typeautomated domain control validation
issuanceIssuance Time10 minutes
domain securedDomains Securedwww and non-www domain names
server licensesServer Licensesmultiple server licenses
csrCSR Encryption2048-bit
sslSSL Encryptionup to 256-bit
green bar Green Browser BarNo
smartphone supportMobile & smartphone support100%
browser compatibilityBrowser compatibility100%
client os compatibilityClient OS compatibility 100%
malware scan Includes Malware ScanNo
trust sealIncludes Trust SealStatic Site Seal
SSL ReissuanceFree reissues
warrnatyWarranty$10,000 USD by RapidSSL
refund policyRefund Policy30-day money back guarantee

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