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Secure your code with DigiCert Code Signing Certificates, and ensure the authenticity and integrity of your software. Using a private and public key system, these certificates provide a secure way to distribute code online, giving users confidence in your software’s legitimacy. While the certificate allows code signing, any misuse holds legal accountability, ensuring responsible and secure software distribution.

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Ensure code integrity and developer identity with DigiCert Code Signing Certificates. Purchase the globally top-ranked code signing certificates trusted by leading developers worldwide.

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OV Code Signing

EV Code Signing

DigiCert trust seal
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Encrypted Digital Signature check check
Requires Rigorous Extended Validation of Organizations check
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Universal Platform Compatibility check check
Sign Unlimited Code, & Executables check check
Displays Verified Publisher Name check check
Requires Two-factor Authentication check check
Issuance Time 5-7 Business Days 5-7 Business Days
Cloud HSM check check
Instant SmartScreen Reputation check

Benefits of DigiCert Code Signing Certificates

Identity Authentication

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates authenticate your identity, assuring end-users that the software or app they download is from a trusted source, and fostering confidence in your digital products.

Timestamped Validity

Communicate ongoing validity even after certificate expiration by adding an optional timestamp, reassuring users that your software remains secure and signed with a valid certificate.

Cloud HSM and RSA Key Options

Secure your cryptographic keys with Cloud HSM, and choose from RSA key options of 3072-bit or 4096-bit for enhanced key security.

Meet Contractual Requirements

DigiCert Code Signing Certificates help you meet contractual obligations by providing a secure method to sign your code, ensuring its integrity and authenticity.

Hardware Token Security

Enhance security with the use of a hardware token, providing an additional layer of protection for cryptographic keys used in code signing processes.

Industry Recognition

As a well-regarded Certificate Authority (CA), DigiCert focuses on advanced security solutions, earning the trust of major organizations and enterprises worldwide.

Verified Publisher Name Display

Display a verified publisher name, further reinforcing trust and transparency, as users can easily identify the source of the signed software or application.

Free Token Shipping

Experience added convenience with DigiCert’s free token shipping, ensuring a hassle-free process for obtaining and using your code signing certificates.

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DigiCert Standard SSL Certificates

DigiCert Standard SSL/TLS Certificate secures your website with strong encryption, keeping data safe during online transactions, and boosting customer confidence.

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DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificates

DigiCert’s Wildcard SSL/TLS certificates secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains with robust encryption, offering cost-effective and efficient website protection.

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DigiCert EV SSL/TLS Certificates

DigiCert’s EV SSL/TLS certificates offer premium encryption and validation, elevating your website’s trustworthiness with verified company details, bolstering customer confidence in your online transactions.

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Secure Your Software with Confidence

DigiCert OV Code Signing

As a software developer, buy DigiCert OV Code Signing Certificates to digitally sign applications and software, gaining the confidence of end-users about the authenticity and integrity of the code. As a robust defense against alterations or compromises by third parties, these certificates incorporate your signature, company name, and an optional timestamp.

Supporting a wide array of platforms, including Microsoft Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Apple Mac OS, and Mozilla objects, DigiCert OV Code Signing Certificates offer comprehensive coverage for diverse applications. The inclusion of DigiCert KeyLocker cloud HSM ensures an added layer of security, securing your cryptographic keys.

Customer service with 24/5 chat and email support makes DigiCert the highest-rated Certificate Authority worldwide for customer service. Enjoy the convenience of free reissues and replacements for the lifetime of the certificate, demonstrating DigiCert’s commitment to continuous support.

These certificates go beyond a mere signature by sowing trust and authenticity in your code, protecting against fraud, malware, and theft. By signing your software, you meet contractual requirements and showcase your commitment to the safety of partners, channels, and platforms that distribute your software. Smooth installations, warning message prevention and detection of modified files make DigiCert OV Code Signing Certificates a cornerstone for secure and professional software deployment.

DigiCert EV Code Signing

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificates is a standard in digitally signed code integrity coupled with an exhaustive Extended Validation process. As a globally recognized Certificate Authority, DigiCert ensures a stringent vetting of organizations, assuring users that your code remains unaltered.

With support for Windows Authenticode Signing, Apple OS X Signing, Microsoft Office VBA Signing, Sun Java Signing, Adobe Air Signing, and Windows x64 Kernel Mode Signing, this certificate covers a wide array of platforms, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse code signing needs.

Stand out with the prominent display of your publisher name, establishing an instant reputation with Microsoft SmartScreen Filter. The inclusion of two-factor authentication and USB token storage adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the utmost protection for your cryptographic keys.

DigiCert’s commitment to transparency is evident through its 30-day refund policy, highlighting a customer-centric approach. Rest assured, there are no price gimmicks or hidden fees, providing a secure and trustworthy checkout experience. Purchase DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificates for a code signing solution that not only meets industry standards but exceeds expectations, instilling confidence in users about the integrity of your digitally signed applications.

DigiCert: Your Trusted Partner for Enterprise-Grade Security Solutions

DigiCert is the leading choice for enterprises seeking secure, scalable TLS/SSL, IoT, and PKI solutions. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and the top 100 global banks, DigiCert’s expertise in identity and encryption guarantees the highest level of certificate security and trust.

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