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What is an EV SSL Certificate?

EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate is also known as a green bar SSL certificate. EV SSL is highly authenticated and most trusted certificate follows extended validation process and enable green address bar in the browsers. Green Address Bar is the most effective feature that helps to detect phishing websites and boost customer confidence to make the safe transaction.

EV SSL certificate is issued by trusted third-party Certified Authorities. Any organization having EV SSL certificate can be trusted blindly as that website has passed strict authentication procedures as defined by CA to obtain that certificate.

Aim of EV SSL certificate

Certain aims of EV SSL certificates are as follows:-

  • Establish a secure connection: EV certificate authenticates the physical as well as legal aspects of an organization. It enables the data to be exchanged in encrypted format between the server and the browser with the help of encryption keys.
  • Creates reputed Business Identity: A website or an organization secured with an EV SSL certificate builds an enormous impact on the visitors.
  • Prevents from various cyber attacks: Approved from trusted third-party entity, EV SSL certificate protects a website from following vulnerabilities:
    • Lessens the risk of online frauds like phishing and identity scam.
    • Facilitates company by providing them with a green bar which shows the legitimacy of the website and prevents the website from online phishing and frauds.
    • Helps in accomplishing law for the examination of phishing and other cyber crimes, along with approaching, inspecting or carrying legal actions against the culprit.

Get an EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL certificate is an ideal solution for online banking, online shopping sites, e-government, healthcare industry and educational institutes, these websites are dealing with huge traffic and transactions every day is very much prone to be targeted for hijacking. It is recommended that such sites should get an EV SSL certificate to prevent themselves from being hacked or corrupted.


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