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EV SSL Certificate: Display Green Bar to Build Trust

Online businesses demand user’s trust and protection for their website, EV SSL Certificate is an ideal solution in both conditions. With EV SSL certificate, the applicant can prove the authenticity of the company and website by following extended validation process. Once EV SSL certificate installed on your website, browsers will enable the green address bar feature and display your company name in the address bar. It means users can easily trust on your website that will have more chance to lower bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment.

Advantages of EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL certificate is different than other types of SSL certificates and provides some incomparable advantages that will allow authority power to your organization.

Establish a Secure Connection:

The maximum encryption of the data transaction happens between a web server and a web browser; it will help the e-Commerce websites to protect the data of the customers.

Proves Business Identity:

To get an EV SSL certificate, you should have control over the domain name and registered legal documents. Extended validation process proves the business reliability and users can see the organization name in the green address bar that establishes business identity.

Prevention from Cyber Attacks:

The presence of the EV SSL Certification helps solve the issues pertaining to phishing and online frauds. Through the strong security offered by the trusted certificate authority, organizations can also prevent cases of fraudulent occurring over the web.

Boost Sales:

With the presence of the EV SSL Certificates, Organizations will also have more business due to the increased trust between customers and the secure online business portal.

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