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SSL Certificate Warranty – What Does It Mean?

We recognize and value the protection of our end-user customers, so we offers only trusted brand SSL certificates that include warranty in the terms of mis-issuance of the certificate.

SSL certificate warranties assure your customers about the website trustworthiness and ensuring that their online transactions are safe over a particular website.

In current time, phishing website or fraudulent websites are increasing; in that case, it is sensible to validate the business before issuing the certificate and the CAs are doing well in this subject. SSL suppliers always check the required documents and follow a valid procedure before issuing the SSL certificate to the website; hence, there is less chance of fraudulent issuance of the SSL certificate.

If the Certificate Authority (CA) fails to validate the information contained in the digital certificate, it would make a loss of money to customers. Therefore, the certificate comes with warranty to recover a claim for end-users.

Warranty on SSL certificate works like a booster that helps to increase the overall sales figure of a particular website. It provides a peace of mind to customers while dealing with an SSL secured website.

Warranty amount depends on which SSL certificate product you choose. For more information on the warranty provided by different certificate authorities.

  • See Comodo repository for relying party agreement and warranty for complete details.
  • See Digicert repository for relying party agreement and warranty for complete details.
  • See GlobalSign repository for relying party agreement and warranty for complete details.
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