Jason Parms

Why No Padlock will help you to check insecure elements in your website to avoid SSL mixed content warning and assure your customers about website authenticity.

When you buy SSL, it might happen that some of your website pages remain with insecure elements. The website does not show proper security lock, in this case, SSL2BUY brings an easy solution named “Why No Padlock” that will list out the insecure items.

You will get the full details about:

  • Identify insecure images, css and javascript
  • Identify insecure images that linked into css and .js files

You just need to enter secure URL in the below box. The tool will automatically list out the insecure elements of your website. If your website is completely secure then it will show a message “All items called securely”, you can enhance the security level of your website and thus removes the insecure content warning on your site.