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Google Chrome will no longer support Entrust SSL certificates beginning in November 2024.

Google has stated that from November 1, 2024, Chrome will no longer trust TLS server certificates issued by Entrust.

Why Did This Decision Come into Force?

The decision generally comes after Google has observed that Entrust has not matched with Google’s compliance and has not shown any improvement in their commitments. As a result, Google has lost confidence in Entrust authority regarding reliability and ability. Since last few years, Entrust was in news regarding its unmet, palpable process of solving security issues that caused serious concern and compelled Google to think over this issue.

Google also stated that such kind of ignorance could cause a huge risk to the internet system and make the authority untrusted.

Google’s Action about Entrust SSL Certificate:

Any certificate that is issued before 10/31/24 will remain valid for the duration of its term. From 11/1/2024, Entrust SSL certificate remains invalid in Chrome browser.

What will be the Impact?

However, the distrust of Entrust by Google Chrome has resulted in major troubles for many organizations. Every Certificate authority understands that SSL certificate carries a big responsibility and it secures the data from the server to browser and vice versa.

With Google’s decision, any website using Entrust SSL certificates will be an untrusted website. Even many browsers will follow Chrome’s footprint to disavow the certificates. However, SSL certificates from other CAs will have no impact.

From 11/1/2024, Google Chrome will distrust below Entrust Root certificates:

  • Entrust Root Certification Authority – EC1
  • Entrust Root Certification Authority – G2
  • Certification Authority (2048)
  • Entrust Root Certification Authority (2006)
  • Entrust Root Certification Authority – G4
  • AffirmTrust Commercial
  • AffirmTrust Networking
  • AffirmTrust Premium
  • AffirmTrust Premium ECC

How can a Customer Check Certificate Authority?

It is a simple process to check certificate authority name in chrome browser like

  • Click on Tune icon in chrome browser
  • Click on ‘Connection is secure’
  • Click ‘Certificate is Valid’
  • Under the Certificate Viewer box, you will have ‘Issued By’ heading.
    1. If the organization field does not contain ‘Entrust’ or ‘AffirmTrust’ then there is not to worry.
    2. If the organization field contains ‘Entrust’ or ‘AffirmTrust’ then, you should switch to other SSL certificate provider.

How can you move to another SSL provider?

We understand the situation as you have invested your money, time and trust in the Entrust SSL certificate.

However, the good thing is you do not need to worry.

At SSL2BUY, we are there to help you to overcome this situation. The simple and reliable solution that Google has given is to switch to other SSL provider. In this case, we can help you at greater extent by offering trusted and reliable SSL certificates that can match your budget and website’s security requirements.

Our smooth certificate issuance process will help you during transition from Entrust authority. You can visit the website and check out the SSL certificate cost, signup offer and more.

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