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Install SSL Certificate in Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle Wallet Manager is an application used to store SSL related authenticated security credentials, private keys, certificates. Oracle Wallet Manager is also useful in creating wallets, generating certificate requests, wallet storage, password management, Import and export third-party PKCS #12-format wallets, etc. The main theme of this article is to make you aware about the installation of the SSL certificate on Oracle Wallet Manager.

Import Root and Intermediate Certificates:

  • Open an email sent by your certificate provider, extract the SSL certificates, and support files to the specific directory / hard disk where you wish to store these certificate files. These files contain the root and intermediate certificate.
  • Open Oracle Wallet Manager and under Operation menu, click on the Import Trusted certificate.
  • Now, select the files that contain the certificate.
  • Search for root certificate and intermediate certificate that you have saved on a specific directory/hard disk and click on OK button.
  • You have successfully installed root certificate and intermediate certificate and the next step is to install the SSL certificate on Oracle Wallet Manager.

Install the Primary SSL Certificate:

  • Open Oracle Wallet Manager, browse the Operation menu and click on the Import User Certificate.
  • Now click on a certificate file that contains the primary server certificate named your_sitename.crt.
  • Click on OK button.
  • After installation, in the navigation pane, the certificate node will be changed from Certificate:[Requested] to Certificate:[Ready].
  • Save your Oracle Wallet.

If you wish to verify whether your SSL installation process is correct or not, you can take help of SSL installation checker. This SSL certificate installation checker tool will completely study SSL installation and will give details regarding SSL algorithm, key size, certificate issuer name and certificate type, expiry date, etc.

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