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SSL certificate ascertains visitors that their online transactions will remain secure from snoopy eyes. The SSL certificate is compatible with many servers and control panels. SSL certificate turn your website address from HTTP to HTTPS.

Today, we will know about the process of installing an SSL certificate on the Courier IMAP server. After buying SSL certificate, it is necessary to install SSL certificate properly, or else visitors will have difficulty to browse your website.

What is a Courier IMAP Server?

Courier IMAP is a mail server that handles POP3, SMAP, Webmail, and mailing list services. It provides reliable and secured email communication and works on all regular operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Solaris).

Follow the below steps to install SSL certificate on Courier IMAP Server.

Install SSL certificate on Courier IMAP Server:


Once you purchase an SSL certificate, the SSL provider sends a zip file to your prescribed email address. This zip file contains three certificates: root certificate, intermediate certificate and the primary certificate. Generally, you have to store these files in the directory stored on the server.


Take help of any text editor and open the primary certificate along with the private key file (Generated during the CSR creation (certificate signing request).


Copy and paste all data of both primary certificate (my_domain_name.crt) and private key file (my_domain_name.key) and create a new combined file with .PEM extension (i.e. mycertificate.pem). Add BEGIN and END to the text and the file will look like this when completed.

(Primary SSL certificate: domain_name.crt)
(Your Private Key: domain_name.key)

Note: If it needs an intermediate certificate, open the certificate in a plain text editor and save it as a new file (intermediate.txt).


It is time to import the certificate so find the IMAPD-SSL file, which is generally saved in/usr/lib /courier-imap/etc/, and add the following commands to the file.



After adding the above command, you need to verify the underneath command that allows SSL3 version.



Now secure POP3 by adding following command to the POP3D-SSL file, which is generally found in /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/



Make sure that mycertificate.pem file is readable by root only. After that, restart the Courier IMAP server.

An SSL certificate is installed on the Courier IMAP server. You can check the certificate detail with SSL installation checker tool presented over the internet. I expect the above installation process of an SSL certificate on Courier IMAP Server will help you.

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