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GoDaddy UCC Certificate Alternatives! Learn How to Save Over $100

Looking for GoDaddy UCC SSL certificate alternative? Learn how to save over $100 when you switch to Comodo UCC SSL Certificate.

As you are on this page, you might be interested in buying GoDaddy UCC exchange certificate right? Before you make your purchase decision, just give 5 minutes to read this information that can save you over $100!

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When it comes to purchasing an UCC SSL certificate for exchange server 2007 2010 or 2013, you would probably go for higher certificate authority (CA) like VeriSign, GeoTrust, and GoDaddy for authenticity and trust. However, we forget to focus on alternate opportunities that can really save your hard-earned money by offering the same quality SSL certificates.

Recently we received an email from one of our customer explaining why he refused to renew his GoDaddy UCC SSL and bought Comodo UCC certificate from SSL2BUY at just $33.00/year. He found Comodo exchange certificate as the best Godaddy UCC certificate alternative. Here is his own words:

Before some days, my GoDaddy UCC certificate was expiring i have installed on exchange server 2010 and I was searching for some deals on renewal. Sadly I did not find much discount on my renewal of the SAN certificate I bought from GoDaddy last year at around $90.

I was shocked to see such a huge price difference and started searching for alternative UCC certificates. Thanks to Google where I came to know about SSL2BUY offering Comodo UCC certificate at just $33.00/year! You will be surprised to know that price of UCC certificate by GoDaddy is around $159.99, which I initially ignored and thought to renew at this higher price, but somehow I tried to find other offers. For better comparison, I hover my mouse on subsequent shown links in Google to find the price of other SSL players.

I just opened a random beneath the link of “SSL2BUY Comodo UCC certificate” and I was shocked when I saw a huge difference in price rate. Initially I was not convinced and sent support email to SSL2BUY team to test their response and authenticity. After couple of emails, I thought to try them as my order was backed by their 100% 30 days money back guarantee.

Today, its been 30 days and I am happy with my decision to going with SSL2BUY. They did not only offer huge discounted price but also helped me during entire SSL installation process.

It is simple! Why I should pay more for the same quality certificate? For a person like me and you, price really matters. So I thought to do detailed comparison of these two SAN certificate that can help other people like me to save their money.

Features comparison with GoDaddy UCC Certificate and Comodo UCC Certificate (From SSL2BUY)

The features of GoDaddy UCC and Comodo UCC certificate are quite similar and are as follows.

Features GoDaddy Comodo (From SSL2BUY)
SSL Product GoDaddy UCC Certificate Comodo UCC Certificate
Validation Type Domain Validation Domain Validation
Issuance Time 15 Minutes or less 15 Minutes
Domains Secured Up to 100 Domain/sub domains, SAN Up to 100 domains/sub domains & SAN
Server license Multiple Multiple
CSR Encryption 2048 2048
SSL Encryption 256 256
Browser Compatibility(PC, OS & Mobile) >99% >99%
Trust Seal Yes
Reissuance Unlimited Unlimited
Refund Policy 30 days 100% money back
Technical Support 24/7 hours 24/7 hours
Price $149.99 $33.00
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Guys, you can see that there is no difference in terms of performance, security, and validation in both UCC certificates. I also made up my mind after comparing both certificate and wished to end up my search for Comodo UCC certificate instead of GoDaddy UCC.

I also found some cheap price offers for different SSL certificate, which was much lower on SSL2BUY. I also dig a site for my assurance to check customer reviews and I found it satisfactory; the reviews were real from SSL buyers. I would also like to recommend you to go with SSL2BUY for Comodo UCC certificate as it saves money by offering the same high quality features.

I again question you that Why should dig for others when we can find the best one at desired price?

I hope that you will find my experience valuable, and will help you to buy UCC and other SSL products at discounted price. For your assurance you can check GoDaddy’s price here, but I strongly recommend you to purchase your UCC Certificate at cheap rate here.

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