Symantec Secure Site EV SSL

Validity1 Year2 Years
Symantec Price$995.00$895.00
SSL2BUY Price$630.00$550.00
You Save$365.00$345.00
vender price $895.00
per year

EV SSL - Green Bar


Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL serves the best purpose in online industry to prevent outside attacks especially phishing and man in middle attack. This valuable and potential certificate serves significant advantages to Symantec clients.

Installing Symantec EV SSL on the website, browsers will display the company name and turn the address bar into green color that helps to increase confidence and convert visitors into buyers. The certificate supports RSA and DSA encryption algorithms and provides 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit CSR encryption for securing your website.

With Symantec (VeriSign) Secure Site with EV SSL, you will get some unsurpassed key features as below which can help to keep your site clean and secure over the internet.

  • Daily Malware Scan:

    Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL offers daily malware scanning that identifies most critical vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of attacks. Daily malware scan can be scheduled for automatic scan that looks for vulnerabilities and thus, helps your website from being blacklisted in major search engines.

  • Vulnerability Assessment:

    Symantec Secure Site EV offers vulnerability assessment, which helps you to find the security weakness on your website. You can scan for the vulnerability on the public facing web page, web-based applications and network ports. With vulnerability assessment, you can come to a decision about the low and high level of vulnerabilities that needs immediate action.

  • Extended Validation:

    According to CA browser forum, Symantec follows the extended validation procedure and verifies your business identity before issuing their secure site EV SSL certificate. It will display the company name in the browser that the users will easily identify that the business is verified.

  • Green Bar Assurance:

    EV SSL is also called as a green bar certificate provides utmost protection to online transaction and augments customer’s confidence by showing the highest credibility of the website. Being mostly used by eCommerce and social media sites for the sake of their clients and visitors; Symantec EV SSL helps to increase trust to complete online transactions by displaying company name in green text in the address bar.

  • Prevents from Phishing Sites:

    To meet the emerging security demands against havoc spread by Phishing and other online frauds, Symantec has been issuing Extended Validation (EV) certificate and enable most visible security sign “green address bar” which helps to detect phishing websites.

  • Most Trusted “Norton Secured Seal”:

    Mostly recognized by the majority website and seen half a billion times per day by visitors, Norton Secured Seal becomes demanding and worldwide known seal that is seen beside authenticated website links in search results stating to customers that the site is safe to purchase & browse.

SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of Symantec and offering a huge discount on purchase and renewal of Symantec (VeriSign) Secure Site with EV SSL certificate, so you can experience maximum security to your website at the lowest price.

All specs

sha2 sslAlgorithmSHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google RankingsSearch Engine VisibilitySSL will Boost Google Rankings
validationValidation Typeextended validation – EV (full organization + domain)
issuanceIssuance Time5-15 Business Days
domain securedDomains +
server licensesServer Licensessingle (extra cost for additional servers)
csrCSR Encryption2048-bit
sslSSL Encryption40-bit minimum to 256-bit
green bar Green Browser BarYes
smartphone supportMobile & smartphone support100%
browser compatibilityBrowser compatibility100%
client os compatibilityClient OS compatibility 100%
malware scan Includes Malware ScanYes
trust sealIncludes Trust SealYes
SSL Reissuanceunlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
warrnatyWarranty$1.75M USD by Symantec
refund policyRefund Policy30 Day 100% money back

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