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New Cyber Threat Landscape is Risky for Business Security

The modern cyber threat landscape remains a big concern found in traditional software, operating system, browsers and applications, whether it is a poodle or Shellshock vulnerability, each of them has made a huge impact across the web world. Evolving cyber threat and hacking techniques brought down businesses on their knees. Symantec has highlighted the facts about the rising concern over the vulnerabilities and developing new threat techniques in its Internet Security Threat report 2015. What Symantec revealed through research is as under:

Major Findings:

  • Deployment of legit software onto infected machines can relax attackers from fear of being detected by antivirus tools.
  • Taking advantage of the company‚Äôs management tool enables hackers to move the stolen information around the company network.
  • Use of crimeware tool is on rise helps attackers to hide their intentions and give enhanced control.
  • Hackers use stolen email account to make victim other corporate employees.
  • Trojans found in software vendor updates to infect targeted companies.
  • Poor corporate defenses are not enough to stop hacking.
  • 317 million new malware created during the 2014 year.
  • Nearly 17% android apps were found malicious and doing harmful activities.

Symantec research also focuses on the rise of mobile malware whereas health apps, harmful downloads, and free available apps remain concerned for the past year. In that case, online security is really needed to make better and secure online world that the SSL certificate is one of the ideal solutions to protect against Phishing, data intercept, sniffing attacks.

Below infographic shows the impact of cyber threat among the entire web world that really needs an attention of businesses, cyber security experts as well web users.

symantec internet security report

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