Jason Parms


I am deploying multiple websites with different domain name sharing same IP’s. I want to secure all these websites and don’t want to go with multiple SSL certificates which are an expensive solution. Is there any product for me?


Yes, you can secure multiple domains hosted on single IP’s with the help of UCC/SAN certificates. This is one of the best solutions to your query in which you will have to pay based on number of domains you wish to secure. Let me explain with example of our market’s lowest price multi-domain SSL:

When you buy this Comodo multi-domain SSL, it secures maximum 4 domains by default. For additional SAN, you will have to pay $15 per domain. That means, if you want to secure 10 domains, you will require paying:

Comodo multi domains SSL = $33.00 (4 domains)

Additional SAN for 6 domains = $90 ($15 X 6)


Total cost for 10 domains = $126

The installation process of this multi domain SSL will be varying from your server to server. We strongly recommend connecting our tech support here for FREE SSL installation support.

Additional information

If you are satisfied with the answer and want to move forward to purchase UCC SAN certificate, checkout our SSL coupon section. We periodically publish promo codes for different multi domain SSL certificates