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A Brief History Of The Internet – Origins and Timeline

The Internet has changed a lot since it was born in terms of shape, size and behavior. To know more about Internet History & a number of users growing over the world, check out this infographic.

Let’s walk through an amazing journey of Internet history and marvellous innovations in the technology world. The Internet as we know it today was not made up of high-speed broadband, smartphones or the Cloud. In fact, the original network was called ARPANET and it was a single homogenous network of packet switches called IMPs (Interface Message Processors) connected by dedicated telephone circuits. The mainframe computers, called hosts, were connected to the packet switches. So the basic network was a set of specialized computers, IMPs, that facilitated the exchange of packets between the host computers.

Internet introduced the concept of a network of heterogenous packet switched networks connected by gateways. The networks did not know they were part of the Internet. The networks were interconnected by specialized computers called gateways. The hosts on each network knew they were part of the Internet and knew how to send and receive Internet packets. The gateways knew they were part of the Internet and they routed Internet packets from gateway to gateway across multiple networks until they arrived at the destination network at which point they were relayed to the destination host on the destination network.

“AI and natural language processing may well make the internet far more useful than it is today.”

– Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet and Google Vise President

Throughout the years, the Internet has undergone an explosive growth. It has changed in shape, size, and behavior. In fact, it has become to be a disruptive force that has fast-forwarded the growth and development of our entire planet.

A brief history of the Internet that changed the world forever.

From connecting minds across continents to introducing eCommerce, the Internet has been a platform where technology has thrived in full force. Despite our regular use, not many of us know the history of the Internet. A large size of the Internet user population believes that the Internet became a mainstream technology only in the past decade. It is not. There is still more to the history of the Internet.

  • When was the Internet available to the public?
  • When did the Internet become popular in the world?
  • How many Internet users are there in the world?
  • Which countries use the Internet the most?

We, at SSL2BUY, have traced chronologically in this infographic.

History of the Internet

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