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Google Chrome “The site ahead contains harmful programs”

Google has included a warning message against harmful program installation to be displayed on chrome. Google wish to keep everyone safe over the web. Therefore, this giant search engine always attempts to make its services and products better in terms of security updates.

Google wants to take Chrome as a popular browser to the next level and that is why Google chrome browser is going to provide a safe browsing experience to the users.

If users visit the website in chrome, it will alert on finding any harmful program that could change browser’s home page and shows unwanted ads.

When users face such warning means attackers are trying to install unwanted or malicious software or program via user’s chrome browser and it will spoil user’s safe browsing experience. This warning can save many innocent users from downloading harmful software.

harmful programs

Besides, Google Search now also incorporates signals coming from misleading websites as a result, users will have a safe browsing on the web. Even Google AdWords policy also compels advertisers to comply unwanted software policy to lessen software downloads hosted on advertiser’s site or linked to their sites.

Google also advised website owner to inform Google Webmaster tool in the case when your site tells users to download any unwanted software and Google will also provide tips to solve such issue.

Earlier in August 2014, As a part of the safe browsing project, Google has added a warning in chrome against downloading malware software. The warning allows two options: “Allow” or “Dismiss” that depends on the user’s perception.

harm browsing experience

Even Google has released few useful tips regarding stay safe over the web regarding Safe browsing initiative.

Not surprisingly, Google wants to keep secure every web user over the web. Therefore, it timely patches and makes aware users about its product and services. The above warning message is a continuous effort in the direction of safeguarding the users.

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