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Generate CSR for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Detailed guide on Generating CSR on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Follow these steps and Generate CSR without any hassle.

Microsoft Exchange server 2003 refers to mail service and calendar that runs on MAPI protocol and supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and EAS protocol. To allow secure communication over Microsoft exchange 2003, you need to install SSL certificate on it.

exchange ssl certificates

Create CSR (certificate signing request) is initial step for SSL installation, so let’s see how to generate CSR on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

  1. Open IIS (Internet Service Manager) > Default web site and select properties.
    Properties - IIS
  2. Click on “Directory Security” tab, click on server certificate button, and click Apply button.
    Server Certificate - IIS
  3. Select create a new certificate and click Next button.
    Note: In case of renewal of certificate, you will have ‘Renew’, ‘Remove’ or ‘Replace’ option on window. You should choose “Renew” and skip steps 5-8.
    Create new certificate - IIS
  4. Check box against ‘Prepare the request now, but send it later’, click Next tab.
    Prepare the request now - IIS
  5. You will have dialogue box where you will be asked to provide certificate’s name, key length (choose 2048). Please confirm that boxes are unchecked.
    Name-and-Security Setting - IIS
  6. In next screen, enter legal name of a company and organization unit like “IT” department.
    organization information - IIS
  7. Now, provide FQDN (fully qualified domain name) for example,, click next.
    Insert common name - IIS
  8. Provide details about city, state, and country, click next tab.
    Geographical Information - IIS
  9. Select location for your CSR (certificate signing request) with a file name with .txt extension. Click Next.
    Certificate file name - IIS
  10. Finally, you will have a screen where the CSR details will be displayed, click Next.
    Reconfirm certificate details - IIS
  11. Once you generate the CSR, copy and paste the content in a text editor such as notepad with BEGIN and END tag.

Note: When you generated the CSR after following the above mentioned steps, a Pending Request is created on your website, which should not be deleted. You will receive certificate via email from certificate authority that you need to install the certificate on MS Exchange Server 2003 to this pending request.

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