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One of our corporate clients owns huge number of domains and they want to secure all of them. What options are there for a large number of Domains (say 500) to run under one SSL Certificate?


You may need Multi-Domain SSL certificate to cover large number of domains under one SSL certificate. Multi-Domain SSL is also known as SAN SSL certificate and sometime also known as Cloud SSL. The maximum 250 numbers of domains you can secure under one SAN SSL.

SAN SSL is the best solution for hosting providers who host large number of domains for customers and all they need SSL security for their website. Main advantage of multi-domain SSL is you just need a single IP address to setup SSL website hosting.

Other advantage is you can add new domain names on-the-fly. You can add new domains and replace old names in SSL reissue process. You just need to replace the SSL certificate on server and all domains will be covered in single SSL certificate.


Every domain name included in this SAN SSL requires fulfilling domain verification process. Applicant will have to prove that he is authorized to acquire SSL certificate for the applied domain. Please contact our support team to know more about SAN SSL verification and pricing.

Does Azure support multi-domain SSL certificate and setup?

Multi domain SSL works same on all platforms like ordinary IIS or apache installation. You just need to bind or configure each domain in Azure to use the same SSL certificate. No need to create multiple copies of SSL certificate or key files. You have to upload same certificates to the Azure management portal and define them in the config files. You’re good to go!

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL
Multi-Domain Wildcard
EV Multi-Domain SSL
Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled SHA-2 Enabled
Search Engine Visibility SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings SSL will boost Google rankings
Validation Type Domain Validation – DV Domain Validation – DV Extended Validation – EV
Issuance Time 15 minutes or less 15 minutes or less 5 – 15 Business Days
Domains Secured Secure up to 100 domains Multiple domains & its unlimited subdomains Up to 100 multiple domains
Server Licenses unlimited unlimited Unlimited
CSR Encryption 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
SSL Encryption up to 256-bit up to 256-bit up to 256-bit
Green Browser Bar No No Yes
Mobile & smartphone support 99% 99% 99%
Browser compatibility 99% 99% 99%
Client OS compatibility 99% 99% 99%
Includes Malware Scan No No No
Includes Trust Seal Yes Yes Yes
SSL Reissuance unlimited during certificate lifespan unlimited during certificate lifespan unlimited during certificate lifespan
Refund Policy 30 Day full money back 30 Day full money back 30 Day full money back
Vendor Price
Now Only