Which SSL Should I Buy to Improve SEO Rankings?

Many certificate authorities (CA) carry the large portfolio of different SSL certificates. Every site owners or site administrators have common questions in their mind as below.

Domain Validation SSL
start from
per year
  • Basic security
  • Bloggers and startups
  • Domain name
Organization Validation SSL
start from
per year
  • Proven security & business identity
  • Small & medium businesses
  • Domain name & organization name
Extended Validation SSL
start from
per year
  • High assurance & confidence to the site visitors.
  • Large businesses
  • Domain name, organization name & address
Wildcard SSL
start from
per year
  • Subdomains security
  • Secures one domain & unlimited sub-domains
  • Domain name or/and organization name
Multi-Domain SSL
start from
per year
  • Multiple domains security
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Domain name or/and organization name, address

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