Save your time and cost with GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard by securing unlimited subdomains using a single certificate. The administrator does not need to manage multiple certificates for each subdomain. The certificate includes unlimited server licenses.

  • Save Your Time and Money
  • Reduce Administration Hassle
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • 30 Days Refund Policy
Multi-year notes: You will have to re-issue your certificate every year to meet the CA/B Forum guidelines. It is a free process. Read more.
SSL2BUY Price $320.00/yr.
Vendor Price $3396.00
Total $1600.00
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Secure Unlimited Subdomains

Are you in search of a single security that can provide protection to unlimited sub domains? Then GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard is really a boon for those organizations who want to secure sub domains too. The (*) character is an indication that the customer can secure unlimited sub domains on numbers of servers with GlobalSign wildcard certificate. This certificate also allows enterprise to secure unlimited sub domains like,
Cheap Wildcard SSL

Cost Saving and Convenient

GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard secures your all subdomains and offers unlimited server licenses, so you don’t need pay a single extra penny to subdomains security even if main website and subdomains are hosted on different servers.

Robust Security w/ Latest Algorithm

Along with security for unlimited sub domains, SSL buyer will have 2048-bit key encryption and the certificate is SHA-2 (256-bit SSL encryption) signed certificate. With a higher encryption level, all web transactions will have robust protection against data snooping.

Value Added Features

GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard requires no additional business-related documents for validation process and takes few minutes for certificate issuance. The certificate has the highest browser ubiquity with mobile and desktop browsers. SSL purchase will have $10K limited warranty against any mis-issuance of certificate.

All specs

Product Name Product Name GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard
Price Price $320.00/yr.
sha2 ssl Algorithm SHA-2 Enabled
SSL improves Google Rankings Search Engine Visibility SSL will Boost Google Rankings
validation Validation Type Domain validation
issuance Issuance Time 30 minutes or less
domain secured Domains Secured * +
server licenses Server Licenses multiple
csr CSR Encryption 2048-bit
ssl SSL Encryption 128-bit minimum to 256-bit
Trust Trust Indicators HTTPS & Padlock
smartphone support Mobile & smartphone support 100%
browser compatibility Browser compatibility 100%
client os compatibility Client OS compatibility 100%
malware scan Includes Malware Scan No
trust seal Includes Trust Seal Yes
ssl reissuance SSL Reissuance unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
warrnaty Warranty $10K limited warranty by GlobalSign
refund policy Refund Policy 30 Day 100% money back

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